Back to FULL WRITTEN ACCOUNT Back to INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND A little bit of background about me may be important to know in order to understand why I may have remembered this experience in a parallel or alternate timeline when perhaps others out there may have had similar experiences but have discounted them or don’t remember […]


Back to the FULL WRITTEN ACCOUNT INTRODUCTION This is a written account I created to document a non-fiction experience of my visit to a parallel universe/timeline in 2016. I decided to put this written account up on the webpage for my book, New Paradigm Planet, that I wrote in 2014. You are welcome to think […]

Insightful Excerpts Day 7

“Government on Zuelios is a loving government, truly with the best interests of the humanitarian and planetary organism at heart. The planetary organism also includes all other forms of sentience. Humans embody themselves as stewards and nurturers of planetary sentience. The government of the planet seeks to keep the balance in check and improve systems, similarly […]

Insightful Excerpts Day 6

“Zuelian parents don’t expound that children are our future, they don’t need to, they embody it by intentionally training, programming, and teaching them to create a world far better than their predecessors experienced. Zuelios is also a world where this is more easily done because the infections of disempowering short cuts toward love and abundance […]

Insightful Excerpts Day 5

“Where did feelings and beliefs of doubt, unworthiness, fear, failure, and scarcity come from? I know that before I was taught to look at my own, I had them, even though I didn’t think I did. Perhaps in the old paradigm of Earth they came from a programming experience with a caregiver, parent, teacher, mentor, […]

Insightful Excerpts Day 4

“Thus is the question of money. Of course there is money, form of currency, or energy exchange on Zuelios, but this currency is held with a very different attitude by the collective consciousness than our old paradigm of money here on Earth. Currency on Zuelios vibrates with the frequency of an exchange of love and […]

Insightful Excerpts Day 3

“…time does not exist but in the construct of our consciousness which seeks for some order in the illusionary chaos of a reality without time. The past, present, and future exist at the same time. Time exists no more than the stories we tell ourselves about our world and our reality in the form of […]

Insightful Excerpts Day 2

“As a 9 year old, I named my imaginary planet Zuelios. Its root was related to Zeus and the “Helios of Now,” and had something to do with creation and making anything happen that you wanted. Don’t ask me where the heck I came up with that at 9 years old. I don’t know. All I remember […]