A little bit of background about me may be important to know in order to understand why I may have remembered this experience in a parallel or alternate timeline when perhaps others out there may have had similar experiences but have discounted them or don’t remember them at all.

By occupation I am a full time preschool teacher and part time restaurant hostess. I love my career as a preschool teacher but being paid near minimum wage, as most preschool teachers are, doesn’t afford a savings account for unexpected expenses, vacation, or a Tiny House, so I got a second job. Now I work about 60 hours per week, 7 days per week, and make the same income one person should be making with one full time job. I also have a lot of training in holistic health and wellness- as a life coach, a meditation teacher, an energy healer, I can make crystal jewelry, I know quite a bit about using a holistic diet to alleviate health issues, I’ve written a few self published books, and the list goes on etc.

Time travel may not be understood by our wider global culture and may be thought of as either a conspiracy theory or reserved for high level physicists of some secret elite military or government, CERN, HAARP, Area 51, etc. As far as I consciously know, I do not have any military or government background or training. I had a great, great grandfather who was the mayor of Bangor Wales, but as far as I know, military and government training is not a prominent aspect for anyone in my current immediate family. I am an average American citizen living in Seattle Washington.

As a child, my father was interested in aliens and UFOs, but it’s not something I ever took seriously or was interested in, as I got older. As far as he’s told me, my father also has no conscious memory of interactions with ET. I wrote a book called New Paradigm Planet about a planet I’d had in my head since childhood, and they had extra terrestrials visit this planet but I didn’t really relate that to my life on Earth.

I was open to the idea that “aliens” did in fact exist because I felt it was very arrogant of humans to think we are the only ones, but I was not open to factual information about such topics until September 2015. In my society these subjects are taboo and blanketed as false “conspiracy theory.” Although I have a lot of training and education in holistic health and spirituality independent of religion, I do not consciously recall any other outstanding, prominently strange experiences like interactions with ET, angelic visions, ghosts, etc.


In 2015 I stumbled upon a YouTube video by a woman named Bridget Nielsen who was describing her hypnotherapy experience with Barbara Lamb in which she sought Lamb’s help to recall alien abduction experiences. I must have found this video because I was interested in hypnotherapy and past/future life regressions. BridgET (as she is on her website to bridge our world with ET) claimed that there is a benevolent human-alien hybrid children program. At the time I thought she was totally bonkers crazy and discounted her as nuts, except for one thing. Something about her felt familiar to me and I couldn’t explain why. It was as if she was part of my soul family. An intuitive voice told me I would meet her someday, and I told that piece of intuition that it was just as crazy as this random, nutty woman I was watching on YouTube. I told that intuitive voice to go take a hike until I was ready to accept what it was telling me, that I’d meet some random person I’d seen on YouTube talk about a crazy subject like ETs. By now I had learned that my intuition is usually a good compass, even when it tells me things I am not ready to hear.

The intuitive voice replied with “Why do you think it is that you became a preschool teacher?” and then it left. The salary for a preschool teacher is so unbearably low, and I could very well have talents for another job. I had been asking myself to tell me what the spiritual reason was that I was a preschool teacher in this life and if I should do something else. I guess my answer was so I could help hybrid alien children in some way, but after watching this video I wrote Bridget off as totally crazy and forgot all about it.

Cosmic Disclosure

In September 2015 I started watching an internet television show called Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV, then Gaiam TV. Gaiam also started out as a yoga and fitness company. I found a link on my Facebook newsfeed for some free episodes. I started watching the first one but then decided it was best to leave this sort of stuff alone as it was just “conspiracy theory.” The next day I noticed the Gaiam logo on the large green yoga ball in the preschool gym where I work. The ball had always been there but I had never noticed the brand logo on it before. It was the same as the internet television channel with that strange show. I figured it was synchronicity and someone was trying to tell me something.

I went home and watched the rest of the free content for the episodes of Cosmic Disclosure. I figured I’d give it a chance and if I still didn’t like it, I didn’t have to watch it anymore and could dismiss it as just another piece of conspiracy mumbo jumbo. I got hooked when I heard about how Corey Goode was recruited into clandestine military government training programs for children through standardized testing in public schools. The “special tests” he described taking as a 6 year old were the same ones I had to take in second grade. I figured this dude knew something that actually correlated with non-fiction events in our history and society having to do with the issue of extra terrestrials. I had no idea who David Wilcock and Corey Goode were, but the intent of the two men on the show seemed genuine and honest. It’s just two guys sitting in chairs chatting and they had 52 episodes of this thing planned. It was the most boring show ever that no one would do if they had anything to gain, especially in our high action digital age.

The “Special Tests”

I was always a very bright child, usually the smartest kid in class and my teachers didn’t know what to do with me sometimes. As far as I knew, I was the only child in my second grade getting pulled out of class to go take these special tests. It was explained to me that if I passed the tests I would get to go to a special school for gifted children, but they only gave me two or three sessions of these tests. As far as I can remember, they stopped giving me the tests and my father told me the school said I didn’t pass the tests when I asked him why they’d stopped. As an adult, after watching Cosmic Disclosure, I asked my father and step mother if they remember these tests. My parents say the school sent them a letter notifying them they were going to give me these logic based tests and then sent them another letter saying I got high marks on the tests but I “wasn’t what they were looking for.” There was no specific mention in the letters of what type of school or special program they would have sent me to had I passed the tests. According to Corey Goode’s information, I am glad I was “not what they were looking for,” or at least I have no conscious memory of any further testing or programs after that.

Cosmic Disclosure and BridgET

When I started watching Cosmic Disclosure, there were only about 5 episodes. The show’s host, David Wilcock, interviews Corey Goode about his 20 year career in a clandestine space program for the government. He also talks about what is going on in Corey’s present life in his contacts with terrestrials and non-terrestrials. Now there are over 70, 30 minute, episodes of this show and I have seen every one of them. I have also seen every episode of David Wilcock’s other shows, Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure on Gaia TV, and I’ve read Wilcock’s books. After hearing Wilcock talk about the Ra and the Law of One material so much, I also read this literature all the way through. As best as I can sum it up, David Wilcock’s work has to do with the physics of spirituality and Corey Goode is very instrumental at relaying how the issue of extra terrestrials fits into our human global history, what is still going on today in our society, and how this effects our every day lives. The two pair nicely together.

In early 2016 Goode posted an article about high vibratory food that Bridget Nielsen had written. I was very interested in this article about food because I’d had self-imposed, drastic dietary changes to alleviate common serious medical issues like cavities in the teeth and cervical dysplasia. After reading the food article I connected the dots that this was the same woman I felt was totally nuts after having watched her YouTube video the previous year. By now I knew that she could possibly be talking about non-fiction issues having to do with alien abduction and human-ET hybrid children.

In 2014 I got a strong message through map dowsing that I should move to Sedona Arizona someday, but I discounted it because I “didn’t want to live in the desert.” I was unable to attend BridgET’s high vibratory food retreat in Sedona, but I signed up for a different retreat in 2017. I watched a few more of BridgET’s videos, and I was also more curious to know who Barbara Lamb is so I read her book, Alien Experiences.