Insightful Excerpts Day 6

MoneyTreeSocial“Zuelian parents don’t expound that children are our future, they don’t need to, they embody it by intentionally training, programming, and teaching them to create a world far better than their predecessors experienced. Zuelios is also a world where this is more easily done because the infections of disempowering short cuts toward love and abundance against another’s will are so minimal or non existent. Beings on Zuelios are not prone to exude their essence in the world due to perceived lack, scarcity, greed, control, oppression, worry, domination, competition, etc.

So much of our energy as old paradigm humans on Earth is spent because of the low frequency of those lower vibrations. If we were living from a higher vibratory frequency and natural embodiment of abundance, harmony, bliss, compassion, talent, comradery, beauty, innovation, creativity, etc., I’m sure so many aspects would be different about our lives in the current paradigm on Earth that it would seem like a different planet.

So much on Earth is done from a place of the perceived lack of love or money rather than what is truly best- like our food, why does it contain cheap, processed, and sometimes toxic ingredients- because someone somewhere feels like they do not have enough money (or love). “There is always enough for everyone. There is an infinite amount of everything,” is an innate instinctual way of life among Zuelian humans. Nowadays¬†on Earth, you would not have an easy time finding humans who believe that most of our resources are infinite or have the possibility to become infinite.”

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