Insightful Excerpts Day 3


“…time does not exist but in the construct of our consciousness which seeks for some order in the illusionary chaos of a reality without time. The past, present, and future exist at the same time. Time exists no more than the stories we tell ourselves about our world and our reality in the form of beliefs.”

“All that you are and all that you experience is a culmination of your thoughts, feelings, actions, speech, and beliefs. Don’t like the way things are going? Change your mind and choose to follow by changing the rest. Be mindful and conscientious of how you are thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting into your reality. Be mindful of how your beliefs about how your reality works are either hindering or helping you create your desired manifestations. You will experience a reality vastly different than your current vibratory frequency when you become aware of what you are expounding.”

“This affects and perpetuates or dissolves the illusionary separation of the old world paradigm where I, me, and mine in things, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions are separate from yours.”

“The humans of Zuelios do not embody this mindset, that my beliefs about myself and my reality are hard set in stone facts. Here’s just one example: ‘I have to go to work to make money to pay my bills.’ Fact? Or fluid fairy tale you somehow got yourself caught up in?”

“The beings of Zuelios would have a very different perspective about career, wealth, and abundance than we do on Earth. On a planet with 11 billion human beings, no one has a job they do not like. If a person feels the need to make a change in the career of their great life’s work, they are supported in doing so by the collective and their inner beliefs. They understand that reality is fluid, not static. So many old paradigm humans on Earth subject themselves to undesirable situations because they believe “that’s just the way it is.” Reality on Zuelios is collectively recognized to be fluid and that all shall express themselves, their essence, and their gifts into the world in a manner that is in alignment with their true heart and soul’s calling and desire.”

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