Insightful Excerpts Day 1

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7 Days of Insightful Excerpts
From New Paradigm Planet

Day #1

“When I was 9 years old I had a vision. This was a vision in my head of a whole world society. I used to think this was another planet when I was a child. I fantasized about my life there almost every night- my careers, my lovers, my interests, my adventures. Yes, I fantasized about lovers when I was 9. The planet in my imagination felt so far removed from the current world in which my 9 year old self was living and experiencing in the 1990s. This is why I assumed it could only be possible on another planet I had imagined in my head. Nowadays, recently, I’m realizing that this world I visited at 9 years old could very well be similar to Earth in the future.”

“Hi. I am Goddess Allison. I invite you to create a newer paradigm planet with me starting today.”

“No, I’m not another Utopian Theorist. I am a human being living on Planet Earth who proposes that you open your mind, heart, and any other energy center within your being to the possibility that we are all heading into a new world paradigm. The planet, the human beings, the animals, the climate, lifestyle, ecosystems, and consciousness are all getting better, not worse.”

“This book is meant to be a glimpse into a world embodying greater potential and alignment with compassion. It is meant to inspire your mind and heart to experience a better world through the principles of creation. It is my hope that you will be more empowered and inspired to create the things you desire that are in the highest and best good so we can all live up to our true heart and soul’s calling and full potential upon Planet Earth.”

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