Insightful Excerpts Day 7


“Government on Zuelios is a loving government, truly with the best interests of the humanitarian and planetary organism at heart. The planetary organism also includes all other forms of sentience. Humans embody themselves as stewards and nurturers of planetary sentience. The government of the planet seeks to keep the balance in check and improve systems, similarly as our brain is important for our body’s function. The collective consciousness of humans on Zuelios love their government. It’s quite a different attitude that Zuelians have toward government than we have here on old paradigm Earth.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask any human on Earth how they feel about their government and mostly what they had to say was how much they love it and all the creative innovative things their government was guiding them to implement or enact for a better quality of life, how wise and divine their leaders are, and how much they enjoy generously flowing their abundance toward their government every year (paying taxes- eek that phrase is so heavy and loaded in old paradigm Earth).”