Insightful Excerpts Day 5

EarthInHands“Where did feelings and beliefs of doubt, unworthiness, fear, failure, and scarcity come from? I know that before I was taught to look at my own, I had them, even though I didn’t think I did. Perhaps in the old paradigm of Earth they came from a programming experience with a caregiver, parent, teacher, mentor, or experience with other children or even animals. Repeated and prominent experiences were especially powerful in programming our subconscious to falsities of reflections of ourselves and the function of reality. How many of you heard, felt, or experienced these phrases as a child, “we can’t afford that,” “people with lots of money are not nice people, they’re evil” “you’re ugly,” “you’re stupid,” “you don’t know anything,” “you’re not doing it right,” “I don’t like you,” “I don’t respect your body or your desires enough not to hit, hurt, or abuse them physically, mentally, verbally, or emotionally.” As children we desire that others take mature responsibility for their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions, but in the old world paradigm of Earth we are not always taught such interpersonal skills.

Imagine the empowerment we would all have as human beings if we knew, realized, embodied, and lived in a way knowing that whatever someone else doesn’t like about us is also a reflection of what they don’t like about themselves and anything we don’t like about others is a reflection of an inner piece we don’t like within ourselves, a piece that is out of alignment with compassion and unconditional love. It’s one thing to know that “We are All One.” It’s quite another to live it.”

“Learning how to consciously modulate beliefs, thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions into reality in an empowered, compassionate way is common practice for Zuelian children to learn. Sit in a desk, be quiet, listen to an adult talk for hours about something you may or may not be interested in, take an exam where another other than yourself critiques you as performing well or poorly, and be disciplined or medicated for behavior that no longer fits into such a box would seem very strange¬†to any Zuelian teacher or student.

The schooling I imagined I experienced on Zuelios was quite different than the sit in a desk model I was being subjected to in the 1990s. I imagined in school I would learn things like gardening, cooking, social skills, linguistics, music, arts, natural world, domestic world, invention, taking care of babies and animals, fashion, financial management, emotional care, and so many more subjects. I imagined my day would be filled with fun experiential activities that I would have guided choice and free will to participate in or not instead of mandatory tests, grades, and homework in a few core subjects like math, science, language arts, and social studies.”

“Zuelian schools emphasize things like creativity, innovation, experimentation, and play. School is the most fun place for children to attend. There are no grades, no exams, no uncompassionate discipline, at least not the way there is in Earth schools. Detention and expulsion are not modes of discipline. All children compete against themselves. They try each time to do better than they did before, and they learn from experience and adult teachers as well as other children. All children are loved and mentored from the level where they are at in any area. All are entrained to express compassion towards themselves and others first and foremost.”

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