It is going to take quite a bit of reading for you so I can unpack what this mind sending packet from Nicolas was. Again, it was like a mental/consciousness conversation that Nicolas and I had there on the roof for no more than a few seconds, but now you can see why telepathy is much more efficient than talking or text.

As best as I can, I will write about this mental conversation in the order that it happened. The first thing that came in was that we were in America and it was 2016 (for both me and Nicolas).

His mind said, “You see all of this technology around you. It really only started to happen to us after the year 2000.” I think he meant that in both of our timelines, lots of more advanced technology started to be used in the wider culture after the year 2000. He seemed to be trying to convey that our timelines follow a similar trajectory, even though they look very different.

Nicolas’s mind said, “There’s no way that the Military Industrial Complex could have formed in my timeline,” (like you know of it as in your timeline). WHAT?! Wow! My conscious really wanted to know how on Earth this could have been possible!!! They seemed so mean, secretive, deceptive, and sly. They even have “Looking Glass Technology.”

He continued on to say, “Sometime after the UFOs were sighted over Washington DC, someone from the American Government told the American people the Truth.” He meant the truth about extra terrestrials and flying saucers.

Nicolas knew that I was aware, from my Cosmic Disclosure education, that in the early 1950s UFOs were sighted over Washington DC. Nicolas also knew that I was aware of this event and two others, Operation Paperclip and Operation High Jump. These three events seemed to be the same in both of our timeline histories, like our timelines were cousins. Anyone from my native timeline, reading this document, can go onto Wikipedia and read about these three events, even if the information on our Wikipedia is “incomplete” due to public propaganda of knowledge by our Military Industrial Complex.

Operation Paperclip:

This was when 1,500 Natzi German top scientists, physicists, and technicians surrendered to the US after World War II. They were “assimilated” into the United States government to develop technology for the Americans. Top Secret knowledge was that they had better technology like anti-gravitic flying craft. Wernher von Braun, who helped NASA build the rocket to the moon and promote it on Disney in my native timeline, was part of this group.

Operation High Jump:

This was when Admiral Byrd went to Antarctica with a fleet of military ships because he heard that the Natzi had a secret base there and he wanted to go defeat them. This took place after the war. German and perhaps non-terrestrial flying saucers rose up out of the ocean, defeated Admiral Byrd’s fleet, and he practically limped home.

UFO Sightings over Washington DC in 1952:

A bunch of flying saucers were spotted over the capitol. The president wanted answers, but was told something phony. Corey Goode says these were German flying saucers flying over in some kind of threat to the US Government. The Germans needed the industrial might, power, and access to resources that the United States had, in order to build out their galactic infrastructure with their flying saucers. In my native timeline, Corey Goode says they started working together and everything was Top Secret. Both sides figured they could learn the other side’s secrets and eventually conquer them. It seemed that this top secret hoarding of information, knowledge, and technology, the development of the term “conspiracy theory,” and the growth of the Military Industrial Complex did not happen in Nicolas’ timeline.

In my native timeline, The Military Industrial Complex grew into the monster we have today, but our public is barely aware of how this effects all of us down to our every day lives. Our presidents, as early as Eisenhower, were warning us about this threat within our own government and country. This is a privatized group of elite that do not answer to the US government and own things like the well-known, top secret facility, Area 51. Like the Federal Reserve, they are a privatized entity with high governmental influence.

However, in Nicolas’ timeline, shortly after 1952 or shortly after this famous UFO sighting event, “someone” from the American Government told the American people the truth about extra terrestrials and flying saucers. “The truth about extra terrestrials and flying saucers.” I found it interesting that Nicolas called them UFOs to describe them before the disclosure, and he called them flying saucers to describe them after the disclosure. He did not get into any of the details surrounding this event, how it happened, whether or not that person was killed for doing this, or who they even were.

I just as easily assumed it might have been the president, but I also knew that the President of the United States is not always privy to the truth about these sorts of things. Nicolas did not specify whether or not it had been the president who had done this, but when my consciousness wondered about the president, Nicolas said, “Eisenhower was our last ‘president elect.’”

I got the sense from Nicolas that Eisenhower was their last president as I knew of having presidents, even still in 2016. This was one of the reasons why Nicolas was so stumped when I asked him if he was going to tell me about the Presidential Election of 2016. He had to study the timelines of the people that he was working with, like me, but in that moment he had almost forgotten that I still had presidents. He was also very fascinated by who became president after Eisenhower in my timeline.

I got the sense that this disclosure had taken place sometime between 1952 and 1955 for Nicolas’ timeline. At the time, I didn’t know what year exactly Eisenhower had become president, but I knew Truman and Eisenhower were very close together in my own timeline. I got the sense that even if the disclosure happened before Eisenhower, they still had to elect another president because that’s how they were so used to doing things. They didn’t know any other way.

I also got the sense from Nicolas that in his history, after this disclosure took place, there was some kind of upheaval or conflict that lasted between the mid 1950s to the mid 1960s and some residual into the very early 1970s. I wondered if there was World War III in Nicolas’ timeline, but his consciousness didn’t seem to think that was quite correct, and I don’t think his peoples called this conflict or upheaval, whatever it was, “World War III.”

Nicolas’s consciousness said the conflict was very similar to what I knew of that Corey Goode describes in Cosmic Disclosre of there being a covert “World War III” going on in our timeline now. It is not a war between countries on Earth, but it is a battle between ET with lots of human involvement, which also consists of a battle of information, especially in our digital era. They are battling in our skies with their ships and advanced technology, but the public in my native timeline is totally unaware that this is going on. It’s not on the news or in the newspaper, but Nicolas’ mind said that in his timeline, this conflict was public information. Everyone knew about it. Everyone knew because they already knew that ET was real.

The reason for this conflict is due to the different polarizations of factions of both ET and humans on Earth. Nicolas said that, “The American government felt it was in the best interest and safety for the American peoples to know the truth about this knowledge, and because they had ‘done the right thing’ they received benevolent assistance from off world races during this conflict/upheaval/social unrest.” Eventually there was some sort of peaceful settling down, resolution, liberation of peoples/their consciousness, and release of advanced technology.

I got the hopeful sense from Nicolas that if this disclosure happened in my native timeline in 2016, it could possibly not take us 10+ years to come to the same peaceful liberation that Nicolas’s society went through because we have the internet and lots of technology here already. The process could be sped up for us to only 3-5 years, if only “someone from the American government would let the cat out of the bag,” so to speak. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of disclosure it could also make it easy for the MIC to cover it up again and cover their tracks because we have lots of technology, they have lots of technology.

Since this history lesson took us up to the 1960s-1970s, Nicolas’ consciousness relayed that he found it very interesting from his perspective that we had to take a “rocket” to the moon and, as far as our public is concerned, that is the only place we went out there. It is almost laughable for Nicolas to see what is happening in my timeline. He had to study it from somewhere, but now he was looking at it through my consciousness as well. The sense I got from him was, “Oh man! You’ve really got it bad over there in your timeline.” As if to say with profound realization, “Dang, this is why I am doing this work, this is why it is so important for humanity.” This time healing, or timeline healing work was one thing they were doing in this “hospital” facility if not the only main thing they did here. Maybe timeline healing was one explanation for the Mandela Effect.

Their technology seemed to be at least 20-50 years if not 100 years more advanced than what I knew of from my native timeline in 2016. I don’t think they used money like we do. It seemed that all these people in all these buildings lived their lives and went to their careers, or their “jobs” because they were excited and passionate about what they were doing and how it would benefit humanity. I figured that was one reason why, if Nicolas was some type of android person, Peter only came in sometimes to run sessions and experiments with me because these people didn’t have to go to their jobs 9-5 like we do. Or maybe I was just a patient in the hospital and Peter actually ran around all day, seeing different patients, for 10 hours a day because he loved his job so much. I didn’t know which one it was, and Nicolas didn’t specify all the details, but he did want me to know that he wasn’t a “robot.”

Nicolas jumped to the more present day pressing matters of what I know of as “ascension” from my holistic training, David Wilcock, and Cosmic Disclosure education. He said they were all expecting the ascension event in 2012 but it didn’t happen for them either. My sense from Nicolas was that he believed the “machine peoples” were also going to ascend and go through the transition with everyone else during this very important time and event. “Machine Peoples” is the only way he could relay to me what he was or why he looked/appeared like an android at that very moment. I still didn’t know if he was actually one of these “machine peoples” or if he just had to use the technology to look like one for wherever he was going off to next in his job.

I figured “machine peoples” would be led into believing they were going to ascend too, even in a society where the AI virus had secretly coaxed the people into believing they were liberated. But no, Nicolas said the “machine peoples” could traverse the cosmic web {like the one I had read about in David Wilcock’s book, Ascension Mysteries, where Earth has an address similar to an IP address for the internet.} Only organic, biological people can go through this thing. Nicolas also said his society had the technology to detect and neutralize the “AI virus,” so there seemed to be no chance it could take over.

I figured “machine peoples” meant that the people were biological, organic people with souls but with more qualities of a machine than I was used to, like they didn’t have to eat or sleep but they could if they wanted to. Perhaps there was also something about how their brain/body/spirit functioned that was different, more like a machine, than the humans I know of from my native timeline’s regular society. Nicolas’ consciousness seemed content with this understanding. I didn’t know if these “machine peoples” had been created by people from this “liberated” timeline or if they were native to some other planet and had come to live on Earth after the disclosure, but Nicolas didn’t specify.

Nicolas went on to say that the knowledge and nature of the “ascension” event is public common knowledge in his timeline. Whereas, in my native timeline, there was and still is a lot of mystery, myth, and public ignorance about this event. People thought the world was going to end in 2012, and some people still believe today that the world will end, especially if the “solar flash” happens that Corey Goode talks about. I had been going to a holistic, metaphysical school just before 2012, so I had an explanation that 2012 would be the “end of the world as we know it” and the beginning of a new world, perhaps “Shamballah” or the evolution of people and their consciousness/spirituality.

Maybe one of the reasons ascension didn’t happen when we all expected it to in 2012 is because this negativity still exists “in our solar system and on our planet.” Something is going on in our solar system and on our planet, but I wasn’t sure if Nicolas meant mine or his. It was like it didn’t matter because they were both the same, even our time was the same somehow. Nicolas seemed to think that “the negativity” left behind by the Draco/Archon/Orion group was also important for spiritual growth and awakening, even though it could have also been the reason why we didn’t all jump into ascension right in 2012. It seemed to him that, even though my timeline was more negative, this had forced me into a greater spiritual awakening than I might have in other timelines. I had always wondered why it was that I “chose to observe” this particular life in this particular time, if time did not exist.

Nicolas also seemed to think that “ascension” had to happen eventually anyway so it was inconsequential whether or not it was in 2012. Even 5-100 years after 2012 would be close to 2012 in the scope of human history. His mind was showing me an image of an hourglass with no top or bottom. Instead of the “sand” going down, as it does in an hourglass, the white substance was moving up into the bottleneck and out. It was like all the grains of “sand” symbolized us as individuals and our different timelines all at once, going into the bottleneck of ascension. This could have also been some kind of juncture to sacred geometry that all of our timelines have to go through, some kind of bottleneck where we become the same timeline, ascend, and go out from there into the geometric fractal of time and space.

I was so happy because it seemed that the Sphere Being Alliance had quarantined us in our solar system. They want us to do it by ourselves {like a good preschool teacher lets toddlers figure things out for themselves}, but it wasn’t just us in our timeline with the Military Industrial Complex, it is us in all of our timelines, working together towards the ascension bottleneck. Just like all the sand in an hourglass eventually falls into the bottleneck, so too does all of time and everyone in it. We ascend up in the octaves of density.

Nicolas said that after 2012, when “the ascension” didn’t happen but everyone thought it was going to, “they were approached by some off world race who told them {politely suggested} that this {timeline healing} work would be beneficial for humanity.” He didn’t specify which “off world race” this was or what they were called. I just as easily assumed it was the RA group and the Sphere Being Alliance that Corey Goode talks about, but Nicolas didn’t say if that was accurate or not.

I figured the message of, “Be more loving and forgiving of yourselves and others, and be in greater service to others,” was an important message for everyone in either timeline, but since Nicolas’ timeline seemed a lot further into 4th density than mine, they already knew this message and lived by its principles. It wasn’t going to be as helpful for them so they had gotten some extra tasks. My consciousness jumped to RA and the Law of One.

I wanted to know if Nicolas had RA and the Law of One material in his timeline, and he said, “Yes, and the same three people that brought it through in your timeline, brought it through in my timeline.” Oh my goodness! I realized we must all be in each others’ timelines. I found it interesting that Nicolas said they had “brought it through” because we called it “a channeling” but they didn’t seem to call it that. First I wanted to know what years they did RA and the Law of One in his timeline. He said, “1980/81 to 1985.”

I knew that when I read the RA and the Law of One, it was very sad to me that Don Elkins committed suicide at the end, and I wanted to know if that happened in Nicolas’ timeline (or if suicide happened at all.) He only responded with, “No, that’s just a story for your kind of timeline.” So I wanted to know why they stopped doing RA and the Law of One in 1985. He indicated that it was very physically demanding and draining on them {perhaps due to etheric negativity}, so they had to stop in the best interest of their own health and well being. They needed a lot of healing at the end and Don Elkins died of “more natural causes later.” But in Nicolas’ timeline RA had left this body of material, in closure, with a hopeful message that they would someday soon return during the ascension time. I was so happy for them because when I read this material, there seemed to be no closure at the end.

Nicolas said they also had different content in the RA material in his timeline than in ours. That was fully understandable to me. There were no gritty little details like, “How many UFOs does our government have?” in Nicolas’ timeline. He said the RA material in his timeline was more about raising consciousness, spirituality, and ascension than it was in my timeline, understandably. In my timeline it was also about these three things though. In a sense our timelines are the same but different.

Then I wanted to know if David Wilcock and Corey Goode were in his timeline because they were more in “the present” than “the past.” Nicolas said that “David Wilcock is a prominent spiritual physicist who helps Corey Goode interpret his ’briefings’ {from the Sphere Being Alliance} and Corey Goode is an important ambassador to/for the Sphere Being Alliance.” Duh, it seemed like they did very similar, if not the same things, in both of our timelines. It seemed from Nicolas’ consciousness that he knew who I was talking about, but it could have even been possible that these names were not what he called these people. It was as if the undertone of his mental sentence was, “these entities you know of as ‘David Wilcock’ and ‘Corey Goode’{have these very important roles to play for humanity}.”

One thing he also said about ‘Corey Goode’ in his own timeline is, “… and he doesn’t have to hide.” This seemed to mean for me that Goode’s information is available to the public through the internet, but it’s not open common knowledge in my native timeline. You can’t just walk down the street and talk to someone about Corey Goode like you can about Donald Trump. However, in Nicolas’ timeline this person I know of to be Corey Goode was known in open common knowledge. Also, as a juxtaposition, in other timelines that are worse off then mine, perhaps Corey Goode’s information is not available to the public at all or maybe Corey Goode, himself, is in some type of hiding.

After hearing about Corey Goode and David Wilcock, of course I wanted to know about myself in Nicolas’ timeline. I wanted to know if any of the other Mes I had met in the hospital were the Me in Nicolas’ timeline, but by this time I felt a bit sheepish, like an arrogant little Earth human from a sick timeline, to even be asking about myself here. Maybe he wasn’t going to tell me. By this time also, Nicolas was finding the mental interaction quite tedious, since he didn’t really think all the gritty details about who is who in each others’ timelines mattered much anyway.

We are all ourselves and each other in all of these timelines, and our timelines themselves are the same somehow, or at least they are going to become the same timeline eventually. He obviously understood quantum physics much better than I do. He figured he’d humor me though since my mind had inquired about the important issue of myself in his timeline, and it seemed like I had the right to know.

Nicolas said I was a distinguished teacher who had made a lot of good advances in education, but I felt there was more I could do for humanity so I had applied to this hospital {this facility}, out of the goodness of my heart, to have my timelines healed, knowing full well that I am quantumly connected to myself in all my timelines, just as we all are.”

My sense from this was that somehow we could communicate with ourselves in other timelines while we are in our own timeline, or that somehow there was a sharing of knowledge/lives/events between timelines. They’re all quantumly connected somehow, maybe we can telepathically or intuitively contact and talk to ourselves in other timelines. I just couldn’t quite wrap my mind around how this was possible because I had never heard of anyone doing this, but somehow I knew and understood that Nicolas was telling the truth.

I found it interesting that to describe David Wilcock, Nicolas had said this guy was “prominent,” and to describe me, he said I was “distinguished.” Perhaps this was some kind of social designation, since I seemed to be more of a common average every day citizen in society. No one can walk down the street and strike up a conversation about that Allison Gee lady like they could about Wilcock and Goode in Nicolas’ timeline. I also got the sense that the “Allison Gee” in Nicolas’ timeline was a teacher of older children than preschool.

Nicolas knew this was all beginning to sound like a very peculiar situation for me, that Me in his regular society had applied to this facility and they somehow had the quantum technology to suck me out of my timeline and into this hospital for healing. We could also all interact with each other and heal each other/ourselves in all of our timelines. Instead of trying to get too technical into the details of quantum physics, which my mind had little current capability to grasp, instead he said, “The only thing I have in your consciousness to relate this to is a movie called The Island.”

He meant he was using it as a metaphor or an analogy for this whole situation of me applying to this “hospital” to get my timelines healed. He wanted to be clear though that the situation in this hospital was a very positive thing, unlike the movie The Island in my timeline. He had used it as a metaphor so I could see how positive things in his timeline seem to be negative ones in my timeline. Everyone and the situations in Nicolas’ timeline seemed to be in their more actualized form, in their form of a higher vibratory state of being. Maybe they even had the movie, The Island, in Nicolas’ timeline but it was a very happy, positive, benevolent movie.

I understood what Nicolas was saying, but in case you haven’t seen the movie, The Island, this movie is about two clones. They are prisoners in a facility, but they don’t know it at first and they don’t know they’re clones. The people in this facility get drawn in a “lottery” to go to “the island” which is a paradise, but in actuality they get taken to a medical facility and killed to have their organs and body parts harvested. These two clones escape the facility, only to find out they’re clones and in regular society, the people they were cloned from had paid a lot of money to clone themselves, get their bodies grown and eventually harvest parts, so they could be saved from a life threatening illness. I don’t know why, but it is humorous to me, now that I write this document, that Nicolas used this analogy. At the time, I understood fully what he meant, but didn’t think about the irony of it all. The movie, The Island, is very similar to what the Military Industrial Complex would do in our timeline, but they have no MIC in Nicolas’ timeline.

I know I am what is termed as a “Wanderer” in RA and the Law of One. Wanderers are souls who have already graduated in octaves of density, but they incarnate into a lower density for a purpose to serve. The society of my native timeline is 3rd density transitioning into 4th density. It would be like taking a bunch of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders and putting them into an underperforming 3rd grade class in hopes that more 3rd graders graduate at the end of the year. Most children being born in our present time on Planet Earth are Wanderers in preparation for the coming ascension. I wanted to know why Wanderers came to Nicolas’ timeline. He said that more of a main purpose of Wanderers in my timeline was to raise the vibratory frequency of consciousness {which I already knew}, whereas in Nicolas’ timeline more of a main purpose was to “alleviate ascension for everyone.” He meant “make ascension easier for everyone, make it easier for everyone to go, move up, and graduate 3D.” Just like everything else, things in both of our timelines are the same but a little different.

All this information was GREAT, but I still wanted to know what city this facility was in. By this time Nicolas was done with nit picky details that didn’t actually matter in the scope of humanity and ascension, and he urgently had to leave. Keep in mind it had only been within a few seconds that this mental conversation took place. I even had to unpack and absorb it for myself after I got home.


Nicolas said to me, out loud with words and speech this time, “Just stay here.” I didn’t exactly know what he meant by that so I looked around briefly. Did he mean stay in this one spot where we had appeared after teleporting where there were no people from the public? Could I go closer to the edge and look at the city? Could I go up to the street corner front entrance of the hospital where all the people were? I wanted to know when he was coming back, but when I went to ask him, he had already left. I don’t know if he teleported or if he flew up into the sky and flew away. Maybe he had a jet pack on his machine person body and that’s why he had to turn into that thing with the scoop drone. I didn’t know, but I still wanted to know what city I was in. I figured there’d be no harm in asking the public near the street corner front entrance on the roof.

I went up to “the street” and it looked like there were shuttle things coming and going there. The shuttle things looked like public transportation and reminded me of the hybrid electric busses in Seattle, but these were much more fancy. They didn’t look like airplanes or round disc flying saucers. They looked oblong like a “shuttle bus,” but I knew they could fly. I saw them taking off and landing in the distance, but I didn’t see all those things flying around when I looked out at the view of the city. Maybe they had cloaking devices so the city looked more pretty and less congested. Afterall, who wants Back to the Future in 2015 messing up the beautiful blue sky?

The Skater Boys

I saw three boys leaning up against the red railing that went down the front steps to the hospital. They looked to me to be the stereotypical image of “skater boys” from what I knew of in my timeline. They had dark colored hoody sweatshirts on, and they had dark colored “jeans” with lots of pockets. They also had skate board type devices.

Their pants were similar to cargo pants, but there was something very odd and different about them than the pants I knew of in my timeline. The only way I know how to describe it is that the boys looked like they had on “screen jeans.” If you look at a real snakeskin side by side with a high quality photograph or digital image of a snakeskin, even if you’re not familiar with technology, you know very well that something is different about one of them. That is what these jeans looked like. They had the color and texture of jeans, but it looked like fabric that had a bit of a shimmer, like a “fabric digital screen.” Maybe these were digital jeans, like muffin’s tag, and they could be whatever color and texture a person wanted. I remembered that Corey Goode had said this type of technology exists even though we don’t use it in our wider culture. This culture had all the technology we would in my native timeline if the Military Industrial Complex didn’t exist.

The “skater boys” also had some kind of devices leaning up against their leg or the railing. These things looked like skateboards, but high tech. They had the shape of a skateboard with things coming off the ends like a hammerhead shark. It was like there were wheel covers on these skateboard’s wheels, but they were like fancy sports car skateboards. I couldn’t tell if there were even any wheels in the rounded parts jutting off the ends. They looked slick but well loved, like the boys had used them often and personalized them. I figured they must have been similar to the hover boards in the movie, Back to the Future.

I also half expected to get some kind of punk attitude from these “skater boys” when I asked them, “What city am I in?” They perked up and got all smiles when they said, “Anaheim.” We had to speak up loudly because there was a lot of bustle and noise from the “street” in the area on the roof where this was. The boy furthest in the back said, “North” and the boy closest to me said “Anaheim” and then the state name. It was so loud in the city on the street here that it was like trying to talk to someone at a loud party, and all I heard were the sounds of the consonants, C, l, n, a. I knew that Anaheim was a city in the United States in my timeline, but I felt like a dumb American who doesn’t know geography because I didn’t know what state it was in, and it could have been in a totally different state in this timeline I was visiting. I tried to clarify and put together what the boys had told me so I repeated, “Anaheim, North Carolina?” They said, “No, no. Anaheim, just remember Anaheim.” They seemed like they were trying to give me more detail to the exact location where I was at first, but perhaps I looked too confused or it was too loud on the street. I should have asked them what hospital I was at too, but all I said was, “Ok,” like “Ok, I can remember that.”

I found it so strange that the boys seemed so warm and compassionate to receive me. They seemed so nice, and it wasn’t weird to them at all that I had just asked this question. Maybe it was common for people to stumble out of this hospital not knowing what city they were in or what day it was. They just seemed so kind. I thought- Wow, if what was happening in this hospital was happening in my timeline, the only box we would have to put it into would be conspiracy theory, but these boys don’t even seem to know of any such thing as conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy Theory just didn’t exist in their culture and there was no sense of shadow government or power elite simmering in the background. They were living in a post disclosure society and I was living in a pre disclosure society with candidates for president like Hilary and Trump. This seeped into everyone’s every day lives down to their very attitudes about how they carry themselves or see the world. This seemed to effect my own stereotypes and attitudes I had about “skater boys” and I was surprised at the strange juxtaposition. I suddenly felt so safe in this society, like everyone was so nice and kind, people couldn’t lie like we can in our timeline, and I could just ask people questions to find my way around.

I know Nicolas had said, “Stay here,” but I didn’t want to stay here. I wanted to get out and explore the city, find a library and learn about their culture and history, maybe take one of these public transportation shuttles. Everything was probably free anyway because they didn’t have money. I didn’t even know if or when Nicolas was coming back. Maybe I could know by some kind of telepathy that he was back at the hospital and I could teleport back here. I just didn’t know what to do anymore. This was such a strange, new and exciting land! I had almost forgotten about home and no one from the hospital had told me if or when I was going back.