Cosmic Hypnotherapy Session

This hypnotherapy session is about~

My Parallel Timeline Experience, Cosmic Beings, ET Implants, Hybrid Children, The Blue Avians, and Divine Union Contracts.



Names have been removed from this session to shield personal information other than my own, but the content remains the same. This is my first hypnotherapy session, but some who have listened to it have asked me if I “channeled” my higher self or if I was in a deep trance. I learned several years ago from a holistic school that channeling can be dangerous unless you have the right training for it so I stayed away from it, for the most part, besides my reading of The Law Of One, so no I didn’t channel anything to my knowledge. My hypnotherapist did not record the induction, but I remember when my superconscious mind descended down and came into my head and my 3rd density mind took a back seat and just let it do its thing. It felt like a large golden ball of warm, compassionate, white light. I worked with my hypnotherapist before hand to formulate the questions to ask my higher consciousness.

Thank You to Marcie Klevens from Open Box Counseling for your skillful facilitation and experience.

UPDATE February 2017:

I was physically present at the George Noory Forum at the 2017 Conscious Life Expo when David Wilcock and Whitley Strieber talked about having a “device,” “implant,” or “ear blast” in their ear that seemed to have a benevolent purpose. Independently, others have told me they also feel they have an “implant” or “device” in their ear they feel is of non-terrestrial origin that seems to have a benevolent presence and purpose. My original push to attain hypnotherapy about my parallel timeline experience and non-terrestrial contact was upon the discovery, in December 2016, of a bump behind my ear while wondering why I had written about an ear chipping aspect at birth in my book, New Paradigm Planet. This is not a promotion for anything having to do with transhumanism! I think I remember Strieber said he felt the data he had for another one of these ear implants was that this implant was made of organic material, like intelligent silicate (intelligent stone). Just as with every technological tool, like a hammer, it can be used for benevolent purposes (like building a house) or for negative purposes. I have presented this information for inquisitive and informational purposes only.

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