I woke up again, still in this same darn hospital!!! I sat up in bed and the lights came on. Nicolas had been sitting in his chair at the foot of my bed with a dim light somewhere near the chair, either attached to the arm of the chair or on the back. He got up and went over by the window when the ceiling lights came on. He was facing me, ready to attend to me. I figured he’d been sitting in the dark with that dim light on his chair, but the lights were somehow connected to my consciousness and automatically came on when I woke up this morning.

The morning light was coming into the window. The window in my hospital room was frosted glass so I couldn’t see what was outside, but I could tell what time of day it was and I had a general good sense of time as anyone does normally when time passes in their regular life. It was a bit annoying to me though because I knew Nicolas could make the window clear so I could look out if he wanted to. This window had that kind of technology and I knew it.

I saw that the small monkey I was familiar with was running around on the floor. I was happy to see it because I hadn’t remembered seeing it yet on my hospital visit this time, but it was like I had spent time with this same particular monkey before on previous visits to this hospital. I couldn’t consciously recall anything that happened in my previous visits, but I knew I’d spent time with this monkey before, like seeing a familiar pet after a long vacation. I knew this monkey had been sent into my room to provide comfort and companionship.

I thought this stay was longer than usual. I had woken up in this very same hospital too many times in a row than on any other time I had previously visited here. A three day stay seemed unusual for me, well it was a time between afternoon/evening to a full day and now this morning. This visit was definitely prolonged. I asked Nicolas, “When are you going to send me back?” He replied with, “Oh, no. You can’t go back yet because we need you to heal the other timelines.”

From that I assumed that, on this very visit, they must have discovered my consciousness was at a very different place than it must have been when I had visited here previously. Perhaps it was because I had been watching all those episodes of Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings. Afterall, the last one I had remembered watching was all about the fractal shape of the universe, the 3D Mandelbulb, and the platonic solids that all fit geometrically inside each other to create the geometric fractal of “God.” I figured time must also look like this and follow these same principles and parameters of quantum physics. Perhaps somehow there was something more I could do to fix other timelines where I was damaged.

Nicolas said, “Just play with Muffin and be happy.” By that he seemed to mean, “Just play with the monkey and be comforted because I know this must be a longer stay than you are used to and we can’t let you go back just yet.”

I got out of the bed and picked up Muffin, the monkey. The monkey was the size of a large cat or small dog. Its body was a tan color with some darker brown areas around the wrists, hands, ears, and on the tail. Its fur was extremely soft and my fingers sank into its fur as I picked it up and held it in my arms. I knew the monkey had been bread to have fur extremely soft. It almost felt like it was giving me a gentle hug, and I knew this monkey had been trained to be comforting.

I held the monkey with my left arm, as you would an upright baby, while I opened the lid to a wooden box at the side of my bed with my right hand. This wooden box looked like it had been painted or stained to be very dark reddish brown. I knew there was food in this box. I put the monkey on the hospital bed as I took out a package of food from the box.

This package of food was like a round bowl with a white sealed lid. The bowl material felt like one of those plastic or commercially compostable disposable bowls. There were no labels or markings on the bowl or the white round lid seal. I peeled back the sealed lid. Inside this bowl was what looked like puffed O cereal. It looked like the kind of cereal that is similar to Cheerios, but a little more puffed. I had seen children, the 1-2 year olds at the preschool where I work in my “real life,” with this same kind of cereal in their lunch boxes. Amongst the O cereal were flakes of what looked like small squares of seaweed the size of a dime. I figured Nicolas and Peter knew I liked dried seaweed, but maybe they didn’t know this was not really a breakfast type of food in my culture. I was going to eat it anyway. I tried one of the O cereal pieces and one of the flakes of seaweed.

They tasted as I expected them to. I knew they must have all the nutrients that I needed, as if perhaps they had materialized this food out of one of those quantum 3D printers I remember Corey Goode talking about that were similar to the “replicators” on the Star Trek show. However, I had just gotten this food out of a sealed package, it tasted “processed” or manufactured somehow, and by this time my consciousness was so turned off by processed food. Within the past year, in my “real life,” I used my holistic education and had gone on special self made up diets to heal common chronic health issues like cervical dysplasia and cavities in the teeth. I had learned how processed food is not good for you, what has been done to it by our food industry, and Wilcock’s information about “weaponized wheat, corn, and soy.”

I didn’t actually feel like eating this food so I put it into the trash receptacle on the floor. The trash box was similar to the food box, but it was on the floor and the food box was mounted on the wall at the same height as the bed.

This was the first time in my current visit to this hospital that I remembered being in my hospital room without a virtual reality session to do, just hanging out with the monkey and my caretaker. I could even draw the floor plan for this room that I was in. There was a front door out into the hospital, and there were two back doors to other places, like an “operating room.” There was also a small room that seemed like it could have been a bathroom, but I never remember using it during this visit.

Nicolas looked a little concerned or slightly perturbed that I had just thrown away my whole breakfast. “Just eat something,” he kindly said to me. I sat on the bed with Muffin, and I figured they had put this food in my room because they thought I liked it when actually I didn’t. I was about to explain to him why I didn’t like the food, but just then Muffin jumped up on the bedside table. This was the opposite side of the bed where the food box was mounted and here there was a small square table with three drinks on top.

Muffin started to mix and mess around with these drinks. One drink was purple and looked carbonated. One drink was blue and had ice in it. I knew the ice in this drink didn’t melt like the normal ice I knew of. In my timeline, ice melts if you leave it out long enough, but I knew the ice in this drink didn’t melt like that, so this drink could have sat on this table for at least half a day and still remained cold with full cubes of ice, like you had just taken it out of the refrigerator. The third drink was bright red and looked like juice. These drinks were all the colors of what I knew of as “processed food.” The colors were too bright to be natural, but were colored to correlate with flavor, maybe “artificial flavor.” The closest thing I know of to describe these colors are the colors of the popsicle brand, Otter Pop. The drinks were also in a glass that looked like a combination between a wine glass and a martini glass with very comfortable rims to drink out of. I got the sense there could have been straws if I wanted them, but these drinks didn’t have straws in them.

Muffin poured some of the red drink into the purple one and took some ice out of the blue drink with a spoon and put the ice into the purple drink. The monkey looked at me with the kind of look on his face as if to say, “Is it better now? If you’re not going to drink this yummy concoction I just made for you, I’ll drink it.” I really wasn’t sure how intelligent this monkey was. Clearly I hadn’t been drinking and eating the food and drinks they had left for me over the period of my stay because I didn’t like it. Again, it was as if they had mixed up these drinks because they thought that’s what people from my timeline liked, but I thought they were a bit repulsive.

I didn’t know how smart the monkey was, but I tried to lighten things up a bit by joking with the monkey. When he started messing around with the drinks I said, “Muffin, what are you doing! I’m really not going to drink those now. What are you trying to do, drug me?” I was trying to make a joke because I knew Peter and Nicolas had the technology to make me lose consciousness when they most properly saw fit and then wake up again in the same hospital later. It was similar to some kind of experience of being drugged that I knew of from my timeline.

Nicolas said with his words, “You’re going to be fine. Just eat something, drink something, and go back to sleep.” The undertones of this seemed to me to be, “We’re obviously not trying to drug you here. I know it is weird that you go to sleep and keep waking up here, but you are obviously perfectly safe so will you please eat something, gosh dang it, because you have barely eaten anything the whole time you’ve been here, and go back to sleep like a good patient.”

I told Nicolas I wasn’t going to drink anything {at least not any of those gross processed tasting drinks they’d left in my room} and I didn’t want to go back to sleep. I went to get out of the bed, and I had the inkling that I wanted to go into the next room to see how things were coming along. I couldn’t quite remember exactly what was going on in the next room, but somehow I knew I wanted to go in there to see how things were progressing

The Operating Room

Upon entering the “operating room.” I saw a girl on a large metal rectangle table. As I walked around the table I could see it was another Me from another timeline. This girl looked like me, but only a few inches taller, and she looked to be about 13 to 16 years old. The sense in the room I felt was that she was too young to die, but she was dying and they were trying to save her. I walked around behind the “operating table.” I knew the nurse was in the room with the girl on the table, but I didn’t get a good look at her at first. The first thing I noticed is that there was a baby in the room in a large woven basket. The baby looked like me, like the baby pictures of me that I remembered seeing from my “real life.” The baby started to cry, but there was another Me in the room that came up to the baby and picked it up out of the basket. This Me looked like a child of about 6 to 8 years old.

I know that in my own timeline, I look very young for my age and always have. I found it strange that it was difficult for me to even judge my own age of these Mes from other timelines. Some of them, most of them actually, were taller than me at teenager or adult size so I wondered if something had happened to me in my timeline to stunt my growth by just a few inches.

The child Me picked up and rocked the baby Me to try to console it. I was a little impressed with “myself” that I knew how to properly hold and console a baby, even at that young age, but I knew that in my timeline I had gotten a little brother at almost three years old. By six or eight I knew how to handle a baby, but I didn’t know if this girl was Me from the timeline I remembered or from a completely different timeline. I remembered that in my “real life,” I had woken up one morning at around this similar age with the feeling like I had talked to myself as an adult. Times were stressful then because my parents had divorced, but in my “real life” I had the sense as a child that the adult me had told me everything was going to turn out all right so I shouldn’t worry about the stress in the family.

These kids, the baby and the child looked at me when they noticed I was in the room. They had glazed over scared looks on their faces like they didn’t know where they were or what was happening. I knew these kids were just going to wake up from this experience like it was a dream, even though it wasn’t, so it didn’t matter that they were scared.

The nurse in the room said to me, “You remember that glazed over look all too well, don’t you?” By that she seemed to mean, “You remember being scared here too, maybe you should go over to them and comfort them or make sure they’re doing all right.”

For the first time, I got a good look at this nurse while she was fixing the Me on the table. She was very nurturing, compassionate, and nursely like her whole being radiated, “I’m a healer,” but she didn’t look human. She looked like a cross between an insectoid humanoid and a grey alien humanoid.

From BridgET’s videos in my “real life” I had learned that some of the aliens we call “the greys” are actually us in another timeline where they had rendered the surface of Earth uninhabitable by a nuclear war and were forced to live underground for thousands of years. Thus they developed large black eyes and pale skin. They were having trouble reproducing so they came back in time to make hybrids of themselves and us so they could continue their race. That is why they were abducting humans. They also wanted to warn us not to use nuclear weapons to explode ourselves.

I’d had that explanation from BridgET. I also had Corey Goode’s explanation from Cosmic Disclosure that there are extra terrestrials that look like humanoid insects or praying mantis types of people. I just figured this nurse was a hybrid between one of those “greys” and an insectoid. She had large black almond shaped eyes, and it made sense that it was a little more dimly lit in this operating room than it had been in my regular hospital room. Her body had the smoothness of a grey alien, but the shape of an insect humanoid, and I got the sense that her exoskeleton was just underneath her skin with her organs inside the exoskeleton.

I saw that the nurse was too busy at the moment to comfort the children so I went over to the child “Allison” holding the baby and said, “Hi Allison,” just like I would to a scared or shy child at the preschool where I work. I just assumed all these other Mes were named Allison, but then I got self conscious as if maybe they weren’t all named Allison and I had just called this girl by an unfamiliar name. She seemed responsive, but she didn’t say anything. She looked a little less scared though. Perhaps it was because I seemed familiar somehow.

The nurse took the crying baby from the child and placed it into a metal basin, shaped like a metal bowl tilted upright at a 45 degree angle. The only way I can describe this thing is that it seemed like a bowl fit perfectly for a baby’s body, a baby bowl. She draped a white cloth over the bowl and the baby stopped crying.

The children were in the room to my left, and now I looked over to the right. On my right was an older woman leaning against a column on the wall, just observing everything that was happening in the room. Behind her it looked like there were windows in the room even though it was more dim over where we were in the operating room. I could see blue sky and just part of another building next door. Nothing looked out of the ordinary to me just outside that window from my vantage point.

When I saw the old lady Me she was looking at the girl on the operating table. I noticed she looked like me, but elderly, maybe in her 60s. She had white grey hair, but it was hard to judge her age too. She did not have glasses on like I usually wear in my “real life.” I realized that, at this hospital, I didn’t need glasses to see either, even though I did wear them regularly in my “real life.”

I knew that elderly Me was a lot more consciously aware and awake than the scared children, and she wasn’t scared at all. She seemed to know more about what was happening than I did though. I knew that she was aware this wasn’t a dream, and she wasn’t going to go home just thinking this was all a dream because it wasn’t. It was ok that the two kids were scared because they were just going to go home thinking it was a dream and forget all about it.

I said to her, “Oh, you must be me as an older person.” I hesitated a bit with my words just before I said “older person,” because I almost said “old lady,” but then I didn’t want to be rude. I said to her, “Can I give you a hug?” She said, “Ok” just a bit awkwardly as she stood up from where she was leaning on the wall to humor my request and give me a hug. As I was hugging her, I noticed she was also a few inches taller than I am and her body was a bit more plump or womanly. She wasn’t fat, she was just more endowed as a woman, but I thought, “I hope I don’t get fat in my timeline.”

I realized that the old lady me understood what I was saying when I asked for a hug, so she could speak English. Then somehow I knew that the child Me in the room didn’t actually speak English, either not at all or not very well, that she was from some country in Europe where English was not her primary language, if she was even familiar with it at all. I still didn’t know if any of these other Mes in this room were also named Allison so I was going to avoid calling them “Allison” like it was their name too.

I knew that, for some reason, they had brought all these Mes from different stages of life, from different timelines, into this room in order to try and help save the dying girl on the table, that was also Me/Us from another timeline. I certainly didn’t know what kind of circumstances surrounded her death, but I wondered if she had tried to commit suicide, was in an accident, or was a sorry mishap of a government syndicate riddled world.

Wherever I was at in this hospital, it was certainly very strange for having an extra terrestrial looking nurse. It wasn’t startling to me though because of my Cosmic Disclosure education in my “real life,” but I couldn’t remember seeing any other “extra terrestrial” looking type people in this hospital before. Maybe this was the special operating room with special, dying me, circumstances. This nurse woman seemed very loving, not scary at all, and I noticed she had no clothes on. Thus far in my visit, Nicolas and Peter always appeared to be human and they always wore, what seemed to me to be “regular casual civilian clothing.” It wasn’t inappropriate at all that this nurse seemed to be “naked.” I wondered if she had on a special suit so she wouldn’t contaminate us with her ET germs, but somehow I knew she didn’t have anything on like that.

I couldn’t tell if what they were doing was going to save this dying Me teenage girl on the operating table or not. It certainly looked like the life was almost gone out of her, but that there was still hope that she could actually heal up and get better once they sent her back home to her timeline. I really wondered how all their science worked, why they had to have all these Mes here from different stages of life, from different timelines, to try and save this one. Apparently they didn’t need me in the room anymore. The nurse shooed me back into my room by making some gentle sweeping motions with her praying mantis arms behind me, saying “Go, go, go” with her most natural gentle voice as I walked back into my regular hospital room. It was weird because I got the sense that they could change the doorways to this room so that this particular doorway from my regular hospital room didn’t always enter into this same operating room, as I know of doorways functioning in my regular timeline.

Back In My Hospital Room

Back in my hospital room Muffin was on the bed. I picked him up, held him, and sat on the bed. The monkey really did make me feel better about this whole situation. I looked down and there was a tag at Muffin’s left hip, about the size of half a driver’s license that we have in our timeline. It was almost like a dog or a cat with a collar, but this monkey had this tag at its hip, and I never really noticed the collar part before because it was very thin and sunk into the monkey’s soft fur. The tag part was on the same side of his body as my disguised iPod device had been on the first day. I had not noticed this tag yet during my current visit, but I knew somehow that it was connected to my own consciousness or timeline.

The tag was a digital tag, but it was very light weight and felt like fabric. It almost reminded me of the reflective material that traffic workers have on their bright colored jackets so cars watch out for them. The screen was not brightly lit like our computer screens, but it had a bright shimmer and you could clearly read what was on this digital tag.

I looked at the tag and read, in green blocky font, all capital letters, “Trump’s defeat before you return.” In that moment I thought, “Oh no, are they going to keep me here for over a month, past the presidential election?”

After Trump won the presidential election of 2016, I figured this particular message could have also meant that somehow Trump was going to get defeated during presidency or that his craziness was going to be toned down or reigned in somehow after becoming president, and the message meant that this event was going to happen before my next visit to this hospital. The tag could have meant, “Before you return to the hospital again,” not “before you return to your native timeline,” but in the moment that I read the message, I thought it meant they were going to keep me in this hospital for over a month, past the presidential election of 2016, and I might not get to find out what happens. Just like anything else in my experience, I could have misinterpreted it from what it actually may have been from their perspective because for me, it was like visiting a foreign country.

I turned to Nicolas and said in a serious tone, “Hey Nicolas, I know that’s not your real name. That’s just the name you’ve told me it is so that’s what I’m going to call you, but if I knew your real name, I’d use it right now.” I was trying to set him up to tell him I was about to ask him something serious. I had no clue where I actually was so I said, “If something happens in my country while I’m here, would you tell me about it? Would I even be allowed to know about it? Could I even watch the news from my timeline?”

Nicolas looked quite puzzled. He was very perplexed at what exactly it was that I was asking him about. He said, “What event would that be? What could possibly happen that you’d want to know about while you’re here? What kind of current event would you want to watch the news for!?” I think he knew very well that I never watched the news, regularly or at all, in my native timeline. He probably also knew that I was aware that our public fed news is mostly, possibly false or brainwashed propaganda from “the power elite.”

I said, “The presidential election of 2016. I read it on Muffin’s tag, ‘Trump’s defeat before you return.’ Am I going to have to stay here for over a month?” He still looked very puzzled and slightly surprised, like he didn’t know how exactly to handle or approach the situation. It almost seemed like he didn’t actually know what to do or how to respond to me. I said, “I clearly read it on Muffin’s tag,” and by that I meant, “I know it was unmistakable that I just read this message on the monkey’s tag, this place is very weird from the perspective of my timeline, but I’m not confused or crazy, I’m quite sane and conscious right now.”

I looked back at the tag to show Nicolas, but the message had changed to something else. Now the message was red blocky letters over something else in white blocky letters. The “red” color was actually more like pink, but it was made to be red in contrast with the other colors that typically appeared on this tag. I didn’t read the new message because I was disappointed that the old message I had clearly read was no longer there. I wanted to prove to Nicolas that I had, in fact, read the exact message about Trump on Muffin’s tag. I wanted to ask him what the message meant so I looked back at Nicolas, still standing over by the fuzzy glass window. The puzzled expression on his face had changed. He looked like he believed me, but something was still amiss or abnormal about this whole situation.

Nicolas said, “Come over near me. We’re going to go to the roof.” I immediately got excited. All this time I had stayed in the same hospital room, but now we were going to go to the roof! I had no idea why we’d be going to the roof of the hospital of all places, but I figured it was someplace new and exciting in this strange land. I got down off my hospital bed and came over to Nicolas by the window.

Then we were instantly on the roof. It was like we were teleported there! I figured it wasn’t surprising that they had teleportation technology too. This was obviously a very strange place with virtual reality like the holodeck, ET nurse, and a very strange land that seemed to have better technology than I did. By now I had practically forgotten about the fact that I thought I may have been abducted by “aliens” because we were not on a space ship. Maybe I was on a different planet.


On the roof I could look out and see the rest of the city I had been in this whole time. It was a breathtaking sight from up on the roof. It looked like the morning sun was coming up so I knew I could tell where “east” must have been, but I tried not to get too caught up in the newness of it all. I quickly tried very hard to notice the city I was in and the architecture. I scanned the skyline to see if there were any prominent landmarks or buildings I could recognize or if the city looked familiar to me at all. I knew it wasn’t Seattle, even Seattle in “the future.” I figured I could recognize my own city even if people from “the future” abducted me here somehow. When I knew it wasn’t Seattle, I quickly tried to scan the skyline for any prominent landmarks this city might have, maybe a strange tall building or something that stood out to be special about this city.

I couldn’t see anything in particular that looked like a city landmark. Very far off in the distance I saw a giant hoop thing. It didn’t look like it was a city landmark, but I wondered if it was a giant ferris wheel. I knew they had those in the world I was from, but this thing could have also been some kind of advanced technology for all I knew.

I noticed that a lot of the buildings at my vantage point were smaller than the building I was on. As you got closer to the building I was on, the buildings got taller, and the building right next to us was taller than the place we were at on the roof of this hospital. Along with the information I provide later in this document, I did not notice anything flying around high in the sky when I looked out at the city from this vantage point.

I am a preschool teacher so one thing I noticed about the buildings in this city is that it looked like someone had sprawled out a bunch of kiddie blocks. The buildings weren’t all square, rectangular, and boxy like I was used to. A few of the buildings were round, globe or dome shaped. A few were pyramid shaped. Many of them were tall rectangles of some sort, but a lot more fancy than the ones I knew of “on Earth.” I noticed a large cluster of buildings that looked like a cube on the bottom with a pyramid on top. It reminded me of the stereotypical house shape that children draw for houses in pictures. I wondered if those were houses too, some kind of giant residential buildings, but this was such a foreign strange land I had no clue about.

The morning light was just coming up and it reflected off of the buildings down below. Most of the cube with pyramid on top buildings looked yellow orange, but I knew (or at least I thought I knew) that they were just glassy buildings reflecting the beautiful light of the morning sun and sky. They looked yellowish, but also glassy like they were reflecting light and yellow wasn’t their actual color. That was the only way I could relate to this bunch of buildings.

I turned to Nicolas because I wanted him to tell me what city this was. If he didn’t tell me right away, I was going to ask. I briefly noticed when I turned toward him, that we were on the roof of this hospital, but there was clearly a lot of activity going on here. There were no people around us in the immediate area where we had just appeared, but there was a lot of people and activity going on farther off on the roof. It was like we were on the street in public.

Nicolas was standing beside me, but he urgently asked me, “Do you know what is going to happen next? Do you know what is going to happen next in my timeline?” I thought that was a very strange question, but somehow I had the inkling that I knew the answer. It was almost as if I somehow had more capability or ability to know the answer to this question than Nicolas did. We were in his foreign strange land after all. Perhaps I knew the answer from David Wilcock’s information. I got the inkling that I had somehow learned about this event Nicolas was referencing from David Wilcock’s education.

I casually said to Nicolas, “Well, if we’re near Washington DC, that would be bad. We’re not near Washington DC, are we Nicolas?” I said it very calmly and casually so the phrase, “that would be bad,” didn’t mean eminently negative or dangerous. It was more a figure of speech and there was no cause for alarm, but whatever it was, it wasn’t regular or normal. I figured the closer we were to Washington DC, the sooner his government or supervisors would find out that something was going amiss with my visit here. I wanted him to tell me what city we were in and if we were near Washington DC, but he didn’t answer me. I didn’t even know if I was on Earth so I thought it was very weird that I would think we could even be near Washington DC where “the government” was.

Just then a drone looking device hovered over to Nicolas at just above his head height. This thing looked like a piece of technology, but the only thing I have to relate it to was a drone. It was shaped like an upside down scoop, similar to a wiffle ball catcher, or a ball catcher people have at dog parks from my timeline. It was about that similar size too, and it had a handle with a scoop shape on the end, but the scoop was upside down.

Nicolas grabbed this device out of the air with his right hand and scanned the scoop shaped part over his head. Immediately he turned into a robot person! Then he let the device go back into the air. I was so startled, not because he was a robot, but because I was scared that I was in a transhumanist land. I figured these people must have appearance altering technology like a hologram, and it made sense that he was actually a robot instead of the brown haired, semi-handsome, human in his 30s that I had always known of him to be. He was always in my room to take care of me, and he had been sitting in the dark with a dim light near his chair while I was asleep. Maybe he’d actually been there all night instead of come in earlier than I woke up and didn’t turn the lights on because he didn’t want to wake me.

The drone thing tried to fly over to my head too, but I immediately grabbed it out of the air and flung it away a little bit. I was trying to tell it I didn’t want it to scan my head too! I didn’t want to be a robot android! I looked into the “office building” next door to the building I was on. I could see into the building, like all the floors were made of clear glass. Up until now, everyone I had ever seen in this hospital looked human, except the nurse on my current visit. I wanted to see if there were more of these robots in this society. I had learned from Cosmic Disclosure that transhumanism had taken over other solar systems and galaxies and wiped out biological life. You can gain all the abilities with a spiritual/consciousness ascension as you can with technology, but an AI virus had convinced whole societies that transhumanism was better.

Most of the people in the next building over looked very human or most humanoid, but a few of them did look like these robot peoples. Most of the other people seemed to have clothing, but these “robots” didn’t have anything that looked like clothes covering their bodies. They had very white pale skin, just like the robot AI androids from the Hollywood movies I knew about. I noticed that I could see a line in Nicolas’ head coming from behind the ear at the same place one would put a head band or prop sunglasses, but a little farther back on the head. You could see into their joints, and it was a cerulean blue color in their joints. It looked like these kind of people were made of parts!

I tried to check in with myself to see what I was observing, was this a land where transhumanism had been more widely seeded than it was in my timeline? The answer I somehow knew in myself was that all these people had souls, they weren’t just robots, even the robot people had souls and weren’t only machines as they had appeared to me. I thought, “So what if they still have souls. They could be souled people who have completely had their bodies replaced with technology.”

I was still very unsure of this strange land, but I remembered what Peter had said to me on the first day of my visit. “Whatever timelines you give more energy to, they’re more likely to happen/come true because they are stronger.” I immediately wanted to give more energy to an ascension timeline rather than a transhumanist timeline- one where there is full disclosure, disclosure about transhumanism, peace on Earth, free energy, etc. I wanted to seed that into this place I was visiting.

I immediately ran over to some young girls from the public who were ascending some stairs to another part of the hospital on the roof. There were a few of these girls in the group. They looked to be late teens or early 20s. You know how you address what you’re saying to a group of people, but you’re so scared that you mainly look only at one person in the group who is closest to you. That is how I talked to this group of young girls. The girl I mainly looked at had red hair (and they all looked human). I tried to convince these girls not to let this device scan their head and turn into robots. I tried to convince them not to give over to the AI virus and transhumanism. I tried to convince them not to let the government put chips in their hand or augment their bodies with technology. The girl I mainly looked at while I was talking to all of them said with a laugh, “Ha ha, oh, I’d never do that. Being a biological organism is so cool.” She meant “so cool” like the slang term for the best thing around. She said it just like the people did in my timeline.

I figured I had either convinced her or she already knew about transhumanism. Also, maybe Nicolas was actually a human, but he had used this device to look like a robot because he needed to appear that way to go wherever he was going next for his job. I got the sense that he didn’t know what to do about me so he was going somewhere else to find out.

I turned back to walk back to Nicolas. He had his head down like I had really embarrassed him in front of the public or he was just looking at the floor. I couldn’t even tell what these people’s body language meant exactly. They seemed normal, but also so strange to me.

As I was walking back to him to get answers about the situation, I noticed a large sign. It was about twice as tall as I am and had many rows. This sign for the public was in English! It was English letters with English words I could read! I wondered where exactly I was, how could this public sign be in English!? I don’t remember anything specific this sign said, but it appeared to be some sort of directional sign. I knew that sometimes when you drive into the parking lot of hospitals in my own timeline, there are these large signs that tell you what direction to go for each place in the hospital, like radiology or maternity with arrows pointing in different directions.

I wanted to know what hospital I was in so I was looking for the title of the “hospital” or facility on this sign. I knew that sometimes hospitals are named after the place or city they are in, like Seattle Children’s Hospital. This sign didn’t seem to have anything on it that was the facility name. I remember that the letters on this sign looked back lit. Most of them were blue, blocky capital letters like the same font I had read on Muffin’s tag but thinner. Most of the lines on this sign were in blue letters but a few lines were in red letters. I don’t remember what any of the lines said. I discounted it because I was looking for the name of the hospital, which wasn’t on this sign. They say you don’t read in dreams because the part of your brain required for processing numbers and letters is not accessible while you are dreaming. The sign looked the same even when I blinked or briefly looked back at Nicolas. I know I could read the English words, but now I wish I could remember something specific on this directional sign.

I went back to Nicolas who had his head in his hand and definitely looked very embarrassed by now. Had I broken his timeline somehow by mentioning transhumanism to the young girls from the public? He kind of rolled his eyes at me and said, “Oh goodness” under his breath. I felt the same feeling like you do when you are in public with your friends, you do something that embarrasses them and they say, “we can’t take you anywhere.”

Nicolas said to me, “We don’t have transhumanism here. We don’t have transhumanism in this timeline.” Oh my gosh! I realized this strange land was actually a different timeline than my own. I was in another timeline, but how did it relate to my own, was it in the future somehow? Had I been abducted or had I abducted myself from the past for a visit and was hopefully going to send me back, or maybe not? I thought they could still have transhumanism here, and I thought Nicolas was lying to me about their society not having transhumanism. That is something characteristic that a robot android would do in such a society.

Immediately Nicolas started communicating to me telepathically and said, “No no, {or oh, no}. We don’t have that kind of shady deception here.” He had never communicated to me in this way before! He had always spoke English words, and even though I may not have exactly understood everything that happened here, I could still intuit what people really meant when they said something, just like I could in my own timeline. It was almost like he was trying to prove a point. I knew that telepathy was real and could be possible, unlike some people from my native timeline. A society that had telepathy would have a lot more of a difficult time lying than the society from my native timeline where the wider culture just has no clue how to do this skill.

Then immediately after “We don’t have that kind of shady deception here,” I wanted to know how all of this could be possible. Then WHOMP came a huge giant, mind sending packet of information into my head. It only took an instance, no longer than a few seconds of real time, but it was like our brains had a conversation for a moment. It was so weird, unlike anything I had ever experienced. Maybe Corey Goode would have called this “interfacing.” It seemed that these peoples from this timeline did this when what they had to convey took a lot longer and a lot more time and energy to do with words than they had at the moment.