I woke up again, but I was still in the hospital!!! I knew that the last time I lost consciousness, it was very late afternoon and into the evening so I figured it was the morning of the next day and Peter and Nicolas were doing another session with me. I was a little annoyed because I thought I was going to be back home by now. I was in the hospital bed, but all around me was a landscape of a rocky brown desert, similar to Mars. There was very dim light, like there was very little sunlight but it wasn’t completely night. It was like very early dawn when the sun is about to come up, but it’s still fairly dark.

Off in the distance of about one block length away, a large train pulled up with long train cars. These train cars looked to be the same color and texture of the landscape, as if someone was trying to camouflage the train somehow. The train cars were shaped like large coffins, but they were room sized coffin shapes. The lid to the first train car was open and a black or dark grey cloth was draped over so you couldn’t see inside.

I knew I needed to go over to the train and look into the first train car since that was the open car with the cloth draped over the lid. I got out of the hospital bed and walked towards the train, but when I looked back, the regular hospital bed was gone. I figured that was my ticket out of this place, now it was gone, but I was more curious to see what was under this dark cloth.

The cloth had a smooth, silky feel and a light shimmer as I picked it up and got underneath to see what was inside the train car. Inside the car was Me in a bed! It looked like we were in this girl’s bedroom. I understood this was actually just me in another timeline. This girl looked to be about 19, old enough to be an adult but we were still in the bedroom she had grown up in. She looked like me, but she was quite a bit taller by several inches. She was laying in the bed with a light blanket over her.

I said to her, “Hello Allison. I am you and you are me.” She looked up at me, but she had two irises in the left eye. I was a bit surprised, but it wasn’t strange to me because, in my “real life” ever since high school I had been doodling people with two irises in their eyes. It started out in the left eye, but I thought it was so neat I started drawing people with two irises in both eyes. It wasn’t strange to me to find out that me in another timeline has two irises in the left eye. We both must have looked a little startled. For her, it seemed like I was in her normal bedroom. When I realized her eyes were different I said, “We are each other, but in another timeline and I hope we can speak again s….” I wanted to say, “And I hope we can speak again soon,” but I barely got out the last sentence before this girl sat up in her bed. She reached up on a shelf that was above her bed with the right hand, grabbed a bell shaped object that looked like a hard toy, put it into her left hand and started to make a motion like she was going to hit me over the head with this thing. (After my experience I thought, “This girl must have been left handed.”)

I fell back to duck her blow. I expected to fall out of the train car onto the hospital floor, or maybe onto the desert sand, but instead I fell down a tunnel. It was a dark wooshy tunnel that could have been some kind of time tunnel, for all I know. The feeling of falling down it was a little scary but at the same time it was comforting and safe, like a ride at an amusement park. I looked up after falling down the tunnel, and the last thing I saw was the other “Allison” looking over the edge of her bed. She seemed a little confused and sorry that she had tried to attack me because she realized we looked like each other, but she had been startled. I couldn’t tell whether or not she could see me falling down the tunnel or if she was just looking at her floor like I had disappeared. I lost consciousness.

But I woke up again, back in the hospital, the very same darn hospital!!! This time I got out of bed. The room looked mostly normal except for a large corner of the room where another virtual reality scene was playing out. There was a low double bed up on a platform. I went over to the platform and found the stairs up to it. The lighting in “the bedroom” was dim but there was plenty of light to see what was going on, and there was very soft faint jazzy music playing. As best as I can describe this bedroom scene, it seemed like someone was trying to be romantic.

I wondered who Nicolas and Peter were going to “try and make me have sex with this time,” but it was like I never actually got to have sex in these scenarios, kind of disappointing. It was like they had done this before though, like they were trying to get to know something about my sexual preferences, arousal, and behavior.

As I approached the bed, an African American woman sat up in the bed. She had light blue, turquoise lingerie on. She said hello with a sexy motion of her shoulder. I laughed out loud. I knew Nicolas and Peter were up in the control booth of this virtual scene. I said to them, “You guys! That would never work. This is totally not my type!” (and they knew it, I knew they already knew what I liked). They almost sounded as if they were trying not to laugh but be serious instead as they said from the control booth, “Well come on. Couldn’t you get excited by that?” “That doesn’t excite you at all?” While they were talking to me, a corner of this bedroom disappeared so I could see them in the control booth. I was still laughing. They said, “Well, we had to try it.”

By this time it was like they were just doing their jobs, going down the list of types of people, just to see if I had any hidden arousal and attraction buttons they didn’t already know about. I am a heterosexual female, but they must have known that, in my timeline, some females are attracted to females. This seemed to be a gender and race attempt to see what might appeal to me. Since I already knew it was virtual reality, I guess they figured I wouldn’t humor them and go for it unless it was something I really liked in that bed.

I tried to lighten things up for them and their jobs, perhaps joke around a bit. I knew they had virtual reality technology, so I assumed they could alter their own appearance in this virtual reality. Perhaps they had appearance altering technology, so I said to them, “If you can make Peter into a young handsome, sexy man he should get down here and I might have sex with him.” I was half joking, but then I was afraid they might actually go through with it. Peter always seemed very fond of me, not in a sexual attraction sort of way, but in a caretaker sort of way. He seemed very attracted to me, as some type of working relationship, perhaps I was just his specimen or his patient. Still, it wasn’t very nice of them to put me through these scenarios where I got aroused sometimes but never got to actually have sex with the virtual people. Apparently they didn’t think that what I had said about Peter was very proper or appropriate. The virtual bedroom shut down and I lost consciousness with it.