I woke up in a bed in a hospital room!!! It was somehow familiar to me, and I knew I had visited this hospital before. I thought it was quite strange to be waking up in this hospital because I hadn’t remembered getting transported there and, as far as I knew, I was healthy. I tried to recall the last thing I remembered since I didn’t remember getting taken to a hospital. I remembered going to sleep at 3:30am from my bed in Seattle Washington on 10/18/2016. I vaguely had remembered expecting that something strange might occur since my computer had been acting abnormally. I thought something about aliens, but this place seemed too normal for that kind of thing.

Nicolas was in my hospital room. He seemed familiar to me also so I felt this was a safe place since it seemed like I already knew this guy. Nicolas looked to be about my similar age, in his 30s. I half wondered at first if I had somehow been in some kind of accident, had amnesia about it, and was taken to the hospital by friends I’d never met. Nicolas was there to reassure me that everything was all right and that Peter would be along soon. Oh, Peter! Somehow I remembered him too, so I lost consciousness and went back to sleep feeling safe. Peter was an older gentleman with grey hair. He seemed very doctorly and very down to get with the business of the task. That is the only way I know how to describe it. These men did not wear any kind of uniform or lab coat. They always wore regular civilian clothing, nothing that seemed out of the ordinary to me- denim or polo type shirts, sometimes checkered, with kaki pants or jeans. They didn’t even look like they were “at work.” It was very casual.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a bedroom, and Peter and Nicolas were there. I knew somehow that this hospital had virtual reality technology similar to the “holodeck” on the Star Trek show so it was exciting for me to see what Peter and Nicolas were up to next. The virtual reality in this hospital seemed normal, like it was something I had experienced here before, so it wasn’t strange to me. It was exciting to me to see what scenario we were going to be playing this time.

In this scenario, Peter and Nicolas were dressed like “spiritual people” or the “modern hippie” types of regular people I know of and hang out with in Seattle. The kind of people that like ecstatic dance, yoga, eating organic food, sometimes live in shared housing, and are a little more friendly or touchy-feely huggy than the wider culture. If you’ve ever cruised the Pacific Northwest’s Festival scene and have been to Beloved, Cascadia, or Imagine art and music festivals, you’d know exactly what kind of clothing I am talking about. It’s a lot more flowy and comfortable than conventional clothing and the conventional clothing I was used to seeing Peter and Nicolas wear. I also had my normal cosmic clothing on.

I got out of the hospital bed, but when I looked back, the bed looked like a normal bed in a conventional bedroom.

Peter and Nicolas had Nag Champa incense burning and were getting ready to light some candles. I came over and sat on a cushion on the wood floor. This “bedroom” had wood floors, a fireplace, cushions on the floor and seemed very similar to the living room of the Soulshine community house where I used to visit almost every Sunday before I started working 2 jobs.

I sat on the floor and Peter and Nicolas commented on how good the incense smelled. They wanted to know what the color of the white candle they were about to light meant to me. I said I thought it symbolized purity and peace and was often used to connect spiritually. Then they started to ask me about how to make Kombucha (which I had written a book about in my “real life”). I was excited to tell them all about it.

While I was talking to them, the door to the bedroom turned into a black stone brick wall. I was a little scared at first, wondering how I was going to get out of the bedroom or if they’d intentionally trapped me in for some reason. I looked back at them, wondering why they’d done this, but they were acting like they were trying to pretend nothing had happened. I told them, “I know this is just virtual reality.” By that I meant, “Come on guys, knock it off because I know this is just fake for pretend.”

Right after I said that, the virtual reality shut down and we were back in the normal hospital room as it had always appeared. Peter and Nicolas had their normal clothes back on. Peter seemed upset and stormed out of the room through one of the doors behind the hospital bed. I went after him to the next room to see if he was all right or if I was “in trouble” for saying that.

As soon as I entered the doorway Peter came at me, pointing a finger, and said in a stern voice, “You know those timelines you leaked?!” I immediately got the sense that he meant I had made some kind of public videos about different timelines, it could have been positive or negative ones. He said, “Whatever timelines those were, you gave them more energy and they’re more likely to happen because they’re stronger.” I was confused because I actually had no idea what he was referencing. I said, “What timelines? Which ones? What do you mean by the ones ‘I leaked’? Did I make YouTube videos or something?”

Just then there was a voice coming from my left hip pocket. I reached down to pick up a device. I was now wearing my normal white hospital clothes. The device I held in my hand looked just like the iPod with the purple case I always carry around in my “real life.” (I’m too poor for an iPhone so I use a pay-as-you-go phone for phone calls and an iPod for my smart phone needs.) I knew this device had been disguised as my iPod so I would behave normally towards it as I carried it around in the hospital. On the screen was Me trying to talk to Peter! Somehow I wasn’t too startled because I knew this was me in another timeline. I held the screen up to Peter for him to see and talk to her. She was telling Peter that he got the wrong Allison {or the wrong person}, she was saying something to Peter in her defense of his scolding, and it seemed like everything was all right. It seemed like whatever Peter was worried about didn’t actually matter. She did want him to know though that, in his emotional upset, he’d scolded the wrong “Allison” from the wrong timeline, but it was a happy accident and wanted him to think about how he was going to handle it.

The screen went dark. I asked Peter to tell me and explain what was going on, but he wouldn’t say anything. I wanted to know what she had said and what was happening. I practically begged him, “What did you mean by the timelines I leaked?” but my body was somehow being forced into the fetal position on the floor and it was too late. I was losing consciousness. I figured it wouldn’t matter because I could just wake up again in my normal bed like nothing ever happened and go back to my normal life.