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On August 2, 2021 I had another time jump experience where I visited my home in the year 3123. I knew what year it was because I read the date on my personal device. Before I went there, a similar thing happened to me that was unusual for my sleep pattern. The same thing happened before my experience in 2016, where I woke up at around 1am, I felt well rested and thought it was time to go to work, I couldn’t go back to sleep until 3ish and the next thing I knew, I was in my home in the year 3123. This coincides with the message that I read on Muffin’s tag (the pet monkey) in my 2016 parallel timeline experience. The message said “Trump’s defeat before you return.” Now it is 2021 and maybe the message I didn’t understand at the time meant Trump would be defeated for a second term before I would return to another timeline experience I remembered and would be able to take back with me into my native timeline in 2021.

There was a casket looking device in my home in 3123 that was a time machine. My neighbor, Kevin, wanted to come over and use it. I knew Kevin was his time traveler name. He had to take house keys with him into the machine, and I thought how archaic that was. I wondered where he was going because in 3123 we didn’t use house keys anymore. Kevin went to a timeline where people thought he was an alien and they tried to kill him. I had to lift the lid of the time machine and go back to the point in time Kevin had gone and save him from being murdered. I lifted the lid and went under a grey shimmering cloth similar to the one in my parallel timeline experience in 2016.

After I prevented Kevin from being killed we went back to my house in 3123. It was like no big deal, just another day in the life of time travel adventure in 3123. This one was a lot though, to save my friend from death, maybe it was almost a traumatic experience, and perhaps it is even what triggered the rift in my consciousness between 3123 and 2021. I knew this was my house because I had clothing I recognized from my timeline here, space cosmic printed clothing. I did not have a closet. My clothes were laid out and folded very neatly on a round lazy susan type table. It looked very similar to a display in a clothing store in our timeline in 2021. Some of my clothing also had Batman print on them, and I thought that was weird, I wondered why I liked Batman so much in 3123 because I didn’t in my life in 2021.

I lived in a very tall building. It was either a very tall building or it was a building floating in a sky city. I had a very large room with different sections that was given to me by society for my dwelling inside this building. I also had roommates who lived in other parts of the building on the same floor. Some of these roommates looked like friends I have in my life in 2021. I saw one of my friends going into the bathroom like she was just getting up and doing her morning routine. She said, “Oh hi I didn’t know you were home.” I said, “Oh, you’re here too! Where’s your husband?” In 2021 in our life she has a husband. The 3123 version of her said, “Who?” I said, “Your husband.” She said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. That guy you’re calling my husband and I broke up a long time ago, and I’m happy to have him out of my life. If you want to find him check down the hall in room 209.” I didn’t know if she meant they had broken up earlier in her life in 3123 or if they had broken up in earlier incarnations and they remembered their past lives in 3123. I went to his room and the 3123 version of him was in his room with his current girlfriend (maybe their names weren’t even the same ones they have in my lifetime in this timeline).

He and his girlfriend were slobs from my perspective. Their place was a mess. They recognized me and seemed happy to see me, like I had come home early from a long trip and they didn’t know I was home already. I said, “How come my house was so clean this morning? Your place is not. It’s a mess.” They said, “Well you know we have a cleaning service that comes every day, and you never give them enough work.” Oh work, I was worried that I’d have to go to work that morning and I might be late but in 3123 I didn’t have to go to work ever if I didn’t want to, not like we have to in 2021. My friends that were my roommates were endearingly shaming me for being a very neat person and never giving the cleaning people very much work when they came in to check on me in the morning. Somehow I knew there was no “work” and no money here in 3123, but I knew there was a hierarchical structure to society.

The structure of society was more based on a person’s personality and life choices. For instance, my slobby friends were given a smaller place to live, and that was fine with them. They’d rather be “poor” and be able to mess up their house all day every day the way they wanted than be more affluent and be given a larger place to live like I was because I was a fairly neat organized person. They were very happy to give the cleaning person a purpose for service, and it wasn’t a bad thing or shameful in society that they were messy and had a tiny place to live, this was just their choice.

I said, “Well I’m Allison from 2021. How is it 3123 already? I saw the date on my device.” They said, “You mean 2121?” I said, “No! 2021, like 2020 when there was a major pandemic.” They seemed to have no clue about the covid pandemic. They said, “Oh there was a pandemic in 2020?! Wow, neat, I’m going to have to look it up. Ya I’m going to have to go there and take a look.” They said as if they thought I could be joking, “Well ok then, if you’re really from 2021 the timeline police will find you real soon and take you back.” They said this in a sarcastic way, almost like they could hardly believe I was from 2021 instead of 2121. Just then my alarm went off at 6am and I woke up back in my life and my native timeline here in 2021. I was again gone between 3am and 6am similarly to my parallel timeline experience in 2016.

In my life in 2021 I had recently used an Oculus Quest the previous week that my coworker had just bought. This is a virtual reality headset and one of the games (or programs/applications) on this headset is called Wander. It’s like Google Earth in Virtual Reality 3D and you can travel to most points on the map of the globe and you can “Time Travel” to any year that Google Earth also has a picture of a location. While I was using it, I thought this was the beginning of getting our consciousness prepared and desensitized for real time travel. Also in the previous week, I had received a phone call from Mike Waskosky notifying me that I had been accepted out of many applicants to speak about my 2016 parallel timeline experience at the Ascension Summit 2021, a disclosure conference in Colorado from August 12-15, 2021. Mike was one of the original few people that saw my YouTube video on my 2016 parallel timeline experience, along with a co-worker I had in 2016. Both of them said that after seeing my video, they also had experiences during sleep, Mike said he was interacting with himself from other timelines and my co-worker had said she was never into aliens, UFOs or conspiracy, but she started having dreams that space ships were visiting Earth and nice people got out of the space ships to help humans here. This is when I realized that sharing my experiences in other timelines was so important because they can help improve this timeline and our consciousness here somehow.

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