As I started down the front steps of the hospital, I somehow remembered that my body and consciousness was still very much plugged into my native timeline and I couldn’t unplug it. I didn’t know how it worked, but I suddenly felt like there actually was the hope of returning home. I had been here for a few days and I was homesick {or timelinesick?}. I actually did want to go “home.”

I knew that if I could think hard enough about me, and my body, in my normal bed at home in my native timeline, I could go back there. I could do that! Corey Goode had said this is how some entities travel in the universe anyway, and it seemed like I still had a body/consciousness in my native timeline I was somehow connected to even though I was here. It was fascinating technology, I didn’t understand how it worked. I figured it was like conscious teleportation, and when I tried to think, think, think about me and my body in my bed in my own timeline, it seemed like “consciousness teleportation” was a natural skill I could actually do but wasn’t consciously proficient at. I was also having some resistance about going back, even though I wanted to, because I wanted myself to remember this wasn’t a dream. I knew full well that I was about to wake up normally from this experience like it was a dream, but I wanted to make sure inside myself that I knew without a doubt that this one, this time, was Not a dream.

I assured myself that I would know it was not a dream even after I woke up in my own timeline. I knew I could remember everything that happened to me, and some of this experience was highly uncharacteristic of any dream. When I had this assurance inside myself, I continued to think about myself, in my body, in my bed, in my own timeline.

I figured if I could just roll over in myself in my timeline and touch the floor, even if I had my eyes closed {because my bed in “real life” is a futon on the floor unlike the regular bed I had stayed in at the hospital} than I could open my eyes, see my apartment, and feel I was unmistakably back in my body in my own timeline. If I could do this, I would unmistakably know I wasn’t in the hospital again and it wasn’t just another virtual reality session of Peter and Nicolas.’ I’d had the experience a few times already in this visit of going to sleep or losing consciousness in the parallel timeline only to wake back up in the same darn hospital again.

In an instant, I was back in my own timeline. I didn’t even have to roll over and touch the floor. I just opened my eyes, and I was back. I immediately looked at my watch to see what time it was. It was 6:30am! My goodness, it was too early for me to be awake, unless I had to get up with an alarm this early. I immediately looked at my iPod beside my bed because I knew that I had the experience before of waking up one morning with a different time on the watch on my wrist than the actual time. The times were the same. Oh good. But then I thought, oh my goodness, what date is it? So I checked it on my iPod and, sure enough, it was October 18, 2016. The correct date it was supposed to be.

The screen came on again on my sleeping computer. I was a little annoyed, but also fascinated. I wondered what the technology used to suck me out of my timeline had to do with electronics and my computer. I thought it was so convenient of these people to have this technology and make people wake up from it like it is a dream so as not to interfere with their free will. I remembered I had heard of or read something that electronics often behaved unusually when people had “alien abductions,” and this wasn’t an alien abduction, but maybe the technology used was similar.

I put the computer back to sleep and wanted to know where Anaheim was so I looked on the internet. The very first thing that came up was Wikipedia. Anaheim is in California, and I was like, “Oh, California, not Carolina!” I must have looked like such a doofus to those boys on the roof when I thought it was North Carolina. I could see from the Wikipedia article that Anaheim was not in northern California, so I figured the one boy was trying to give me direction about where in Anaheim I was. Maybe I was just north of Anaheim or in the northern part of the city. It seemed like I was in northern Anaheim from my vantage point in the city, where I could see the sun coming up, and I could see lots of city further south from the building I was standing on.

Then I felt like it was strange to me that I was self conscious about how I must have appeared to those boys on the roof. Here I had, in fact, just woken up like it was a dream, but if it actually was a dream, it wouldn’t have mattered to me after I woke up. I wouldn’t have been self conscious about something that had happened in a dream after I woke up from it.

I just had to sit back on my bed and lay down for a moment to digest and process what the heck had just happened to me. People talked about instances of missing time in alien abductions but this was definitely like, added time. I experienced three days in this parallel timeline within three of our hours. They were so much more advanced and obviously had technology to do this. They had time splicing technology and time healing technology.

I figured I needed to write down everything that happened to me because if it was actually more dream like, I might forget later. I wrote as fast as I could as I remembered, but it had been so vivid and sensory, just like I was awake that I felt I wouldn’t be able to forget. Writing it down took me almost two and a half hours, and I was almost late for work.

Sometimes I had to stop and recall the exact order of things because it was like trying to write down every single little detail of a three day vacation in a foreign country. You couldn’t just go to your neighbor and tell them about your visit there because they would think that country doesn’t even exist so I felt like I had to recall every single detail. I didn’t even get to write down the telepathic message, but I knew it was all in my head. By the time I was done I had 10 pages of chicken scratch that probably only I could read.

I rushed out the door to go to work, and I was quite sad I couldn’t just sit on my bed and unpack that telepathic message and the rest of this experience for myself. You can’t just call in sick because you had visited a parallel timeline for three days! I didn’t even feel sick, I felt normal, but part of me was frustrated that I was back here.

I had no idea how this was all possible. I had heard of people talking about parallel universes, but I had never heard of similar parallel timeline experiences or abductions. All I knew is that I had experienced three days in this parallel timeline within three of our hours. I had no explanation, I didn’t know if anyone would believe me or if anyone would ever care or hear about my experience anyway. I thought maybe I should make a YouTube video about it because me in another timeline had made some kind of public videos about timeline experiences or “out of time” experiences.

This was all very fantastical, but also felt quite normal. Here I was, I had just been to a parallel timeline, and I had to get back to my normal life, working like a slave for 60 hours per week, just to make some money that didn’t even exist for “my friend” Nicolas. Somehow I felt more connected to Nicolas after having that weird mental conversation, but I didn’t know how.

When I tried to make a YouTube video that evening, I had technical difficulties, and the video ended up being extremely long! I didn’t even talk about everything that was in the telepathic message, and I didn’t have time over the next few days to do anything with the video. I thought, “Oh well, no one is probably going to watch this thing anyway.”

Over the next month I had a very strange attitude and self esteem issue about this thing. It’s like when someone dies and you don’t want to talk about it but you desperately do. You won’t say anything about it unless someone brings it up, but you’ll tell your co-workers and anyone else if you feel like something similar comes up in conversation and you think they’ll listen.

Corey Goode had said in one of his updates that people were unknowingly being used to scramble the Blue Avian’s message out in society and on the internet in a present and future campaign to discredit him. Dr. Steven Greer also talked about psychotronic weaponry, and I had no clue what manner of technology, spiritual laws, or laws of quantum physics could have allowed me to have this experience. I set my YouTube video as unlisted, in case this strange occurrence had anything to do with our shadow government’s deception or psychotronics, although I don’t know why anyone trying to mess up this message would care about me because I am a normal common citizen. My experience seemed very benevolent and too involved to be contrived.

I didn’t think much more about this experience and I tried to get back to my regular life until Thanksgiving 2016. When I woke up on Thanksgiving I had a profound realization that the Orion group and the Military Industrial Complex are to the people of Earth as the “white men” were to the Native Americans. I knew that the spirit of Thanksgiving meant we should be thankful for what we have, but I didn’t know why this celebratory holiday was also attached to eating dead animals in the name of settling down in America. Afterall, we stole a whole continent from the Native Americans, and they’re still in Standing Rock, trying to defend their homeland from us. I wanted to rename Thanksgiving and call it Native American Observance Day of Thanksgiving and stop eating dead animals, even though I am not a vegetarian. The sooner we can all realize what has been done to us by the “Military Industrial Complex,” the sooner we can all get on with our “real lives” and have that peace on Earth we’ve always dreamed about.

I know it’s out there in a timeline with my friend Nicolas. Now You do too.

I had so much gratitude for my Cosmic Disclosure education and people like BridgET because I felt that they had been a catalyst for my free will to consciously remember my three day experience in a parallel timeline. It felt like I should think more importantly about my parallel timeline experience because, in the scope of humanity in my timeline, visiting a parallel timeline is important. I started to think about writing up a document to describe my experience, but I didn’t actually start to do it until I heard people tell me that, after watching my original long 2 hour video, they had some kind of awakening in their consciousness. Then I knew that what I have to share could be important for the consciousness of humanity as a whole. I figured I could somehow repay the thankfulness I had for other people who had opened up my consciousness by writing down my experience and making more videos to share on the internet. Now you have it. I hope it finds you well and opens doors for your consciousness too.

May Peace and Love in Light of the One Infinite Creator Be With You,

~ Allison Gee