Doorway To Telos Vision Quest

August 16-19/20, 2019

This is an informal Event initiated by a joyful and loving member of the surface population of Earth, known of as Allison Gee. This event is to go on a vision quest to the location of the legendary city of Telos inside Mt. Shasta. Believe! Dear Infinite Ones, let the mind of your heart, the imagination inside your mind, and the memory in your soul guide you to TELOS.

LOCATION: Panther Meadows Campground at the base of Mt. Shasta!

PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT on this page, in its entirety, upon your interest and before affirming your decision to join us on this vision quest.

August 16~ Arrive & Overnight in Mt. Shasta
August 17~ Walk, Ride, or Drive to Panther Meadows Campground
August 17 evening – 19 morning~ Overnight camping at Panther Meadows Campground in communion with the Telosians
August 19 morning ~ Walk, Ride, or Drive to Mt. Shasta
August 19 evening – Aug 20 morning~ Overnight in Mt. Shasta, or you may choose to go straight home, or spend another night at Panther Meadows
Aug 20 ~ Home

It is recommended to spend a night in Mt. Shasta on either end of your adventure to acclimate to and from the energy of the land. You may feel loopy or a natural high from a great vibratory weekend with so many members of your soul tribe. If you will be driving or riding to and from Mt. Shasta and Panther Meadows an option may be to stay in Shasta for your lodging and commute to Panther Meadows during the day. However, there are tales of people falling asleep on the mountain to be awoken by the Lemurians in the middle of their nap or in the night to be invited into TELOS.

Panther Meadows Campground:
“This is a walk-in campground located near timberline on Mt. Shasta at 7500 feet. There are 15 sites, all within a short walk of your vehicle. Tables, fire-rings, and vault toilet. Bring your own water or purify the creek water nearby.
3 DAY LIMIT. No fee. No reservations. Self-register on site.
(I have applied for the Special Use Permit to have a non-commercial event of attendees over 75 persons. I will provide updates on that if necessary.)

Closest Amtrak Station:
Dunsmuir Station in Dunsmuir, CA – 30 min drive to Panther Meadows. 15min drive to Mt. Shasta, CA
Closest Airports: Weed, CA- 13 min drive to Mt. Shasta, 35min drive to Panther Meadows
Redding Airport (RDD) in Redding, CA- 1.5 hours drive to Panther Meadows. 1 hour drive to Mt. Shasta, CA

FB Event (Originally set to Private so anyone who knows will tell and invite anyone they know.)
Upon request a public event link was created for posting purposes. This is not an exclusive event so please invite all your friends and family that would be interested:

To REDUCE the IMPACT on the Local Area, it is recommended to reduce the amount of vehicles we use and have present during this vision quest.
Please carpool, taxi, walk, and visit without a vehicle as much as possible.

Mt. Shasta, CA to Panther Meadows Campground:
15 min drive, 3-5 hours walk if you choose to walk- always take a buddy or walk with a group.
Cell service may be limited or of NO SERVICE, but your GPS may still work.
It would be helpful to take a portable battery charger for your device if you so need it on the mountain.

AUG 17-19:

We will commune with the Telosians in Dreamtime, Meditation, and if we are so graced with the honor also in our conscious experience of our perceived physical realms and reality. We will commune with each other in love, peace, joy, grace, and harmony as fellow brothers and sisters of humanity of the surface population of Earth. We will commune with ourselves, our soul, our highest aspects of us to discover new and enlightened guidance, messages, and missions along our soul path. At times we will walk barefoot upon the earth, relax, socialize, and explore. We will explore the area between Upper and Lower Panther Meadows in high hopes of finding the DOORWAY to TELOS. Let your imagination liberate you unto an unforgettable journey and adventure of a VISION QUEST to TELOS!

All VISION QUEST Participants are responsible for their own transportation, lodging, food, water, and camping during the Event, as well as their behavior. Please act in accordance with peace, harmony, joy, abundance, Love, respect, mindfulness, and reverence. We are here as guests and must be respectful of the local population of people, animals, plants, water, and the environment, including the City of Telos! The town of Mt. Shasta, CA is about 25min drive to Panther Meadows.

Bring your Wares and Talents to show, bless, or trade with your fellow soul family of brothers and sisters. {The Telosians use an economy of barter and trade, so in the spirit of Telosian economy it may be nice to barter and trade ONLY. The forest service does NOT want us making money off of this public, national forest, campground land without a special permit.}

Allison Gee’s Crystal Jewelry

All will act in accordance of free will so this cannot be made of a requirement but it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that all vision quest participants do the following for at least 3 MONTHS prior to the quest and DURING the Vision Quest.

Practice Vegetarianism (Or Veganism if you are already a vegan)
Totally Cease Consumption of recreational herbs, drugs, and substances, including cannabis.

This is done out of respect and responsibility of our own energetic matrix and reverence for the pristine environment and quest we will be taking, possibly to the City of Telos in our dreams, meditations, and if we are so honored to go in great gratitude to visit in our physical realms of perception. We must prepare ourselves to drastically raise the vibratory frequency of our being.

Other surface world infestations to cut down on or cut out for at least 3 MONTHS prior to our vision quest journey and during the Event:

Alcohol, Caffeine, added Sugars, Packaged/Processed Foods, Non-Organic Foods, Video Games, Fluoridated Water, Frivolous Sexual Activity.

Just as monks enter with reverence to meditate in the monastery, we too must prepare ourselves to enter the interdimensions of our planet.

ATTIRE: Wear what makes you feel comfortable, what makes your soul sing, what reminds you of the home inside your soul and in the stars of the cosmos, what you imagine of Lemuria and Telos. Wear your robes, your capes, your festival clothing, and the whimsy of what you wish you could wear everyday lest it be thought of as just a costume. Carry your staves, your wands, and magickal walking sticks. It may be a good idea to wear natural sustainable fabrics like bamboo, cotton, and hemp. Many who know me (Allison) know I love to wear cosmic and galaxy printed clothing. Wear what makes you feel like your true self!

IT IS RECOMMENDED: To purchase or make your own Lemurian Headband and wear it as often as possible before your Vision Quest. This consists of a copper band spanning the circumference of the head with a pure silver or gold coin/disk at the third eye, and a pure specially chosen quartz crystal in front of the disk at the third eye. It may be ideal to adorn the temples of the headband with rubies. If you choose not to get too fancy and don’t want to make your own (yes there are YouTube videos for that), you may want to purchase a stylish one from or their Etsy site:

This type of headband will help open your third eye sight, commune in telepathy with each other, the Telosians, and other worldly beings.
Use discernment in ALL communications.
It may even help you see the DOORWAY TO TELOS!

Yes! The doorway to Telos!

Whispers of legend upon the whimsical wisps of our soul’s memory tell us there is a vast city under the Mountain of Shasta. This is the city of TELOS where the Lemurians still live!

According to Colonel Billie Faye Woodard (who says he is from Hollow Earth and was deposited on the surface with a mission to deliver Admiral Bird’s Messages he was suppressed from releasing):

There is a doorway to Hollow Earth on a holographic rockface between Upper and Lower Panther Meadows Campground. If you approach the rockface and are ready in your mind, heart, and material thinking to go to Telos, a Doorway and a Guide will appear to you and ask you if you are ready to enter!

If you go to Telos you will be allowed to come back, but you might not want to! Compared to our surface life, it is a heavenly paradise where people, human beings, live in harmony, peace, and love in a 5D world under a giant dome inside the mountain at its base, and houses over 1 Million people.
This is a place where the sun never sets and temperatures are in the 70sF.
Everyone has enough food, water, and shelter and no one has to pay money for it. Commerce is based on barter and trade, and people only work 20 hours per week as they choose.
Everyone lives as long as they want to!!! Everyone looks to be between 20-40 of our surface age years. There are people in this city who are thousands of years old!
There are 5 levels to the city-
The main level is where many people live and where many temples and public buildings reside,
The second level is for industrial production and many classes are held there,
The third level is for food production and contains acres of high vibratory hydroponic gardens,
The fourth level is for nature parks and some gardens, and
The fifth level is only nature where all animals live in harmony.

For information about Telos, Hollow Earth, and Agartha there are many resources. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to ingest these resources and educate one’s consciousness of Telos before the Vision Quest, if you are unfamiliar with the legendary city of Telos under Mt. Shasta.
My inspiration to want to have a vision quest to Telos @ Panther Meadows was from watching interviews by Billie Woodard. During a retreat to Hawaii, one of the participants showed me interviews of Billie, and I wanted to watch all the ones I could find on YouTube. Then I also read the books by Auralia Louise Jones called TELOS Volumes 1, 2, and 3. I also listened to interviews by Sherula Dux, a princess of Telos who came to the surface to help us.

At around min 30 of this interview with Billie Woodard is when he talks about the doorway at Panther Meadows:

Here are some diagrams of Hollow Earth to give you an idea of the planet living inside our planet where our brothers and sisters reside, with full knowledge of being part of the Galactic Confederation of Planets! But TELOS is part of the AGARTHA Network of Cities residing in the crust portion of Earth (under a mountain) and has tunnels and transportation to other Agarthan cities and Hollow Earth.